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First, I would like to personally thank all the?readers that visited our site, took the poll and left comments?on the different designers and banners we had on display.? Our goal was accomplished to get our community involved through this Banner Contest.? We had the opportunity to see work from 6 different designers; some were comedy and others very corporate.? I really enjoyed seeing some of the creativity in the banners that people submitted.? Although the majority of the votes went to our current banner (I’m sure the person who designed it is excited that he had the winning banner), I want to recognize each of the contestants, their work, and announce the prize distribution.

Jeff Kee- Consisting of a team of four, Jeff, Jordan, Steve and Nick have come together to form Jeff Kee Consulting.??I think this is a very talented team and have come through for me in a few different occasions (Thanks Jeff!).? Let me tell you what?I liked and didn’t like about Jeff’s?submission.?

I liked the creativity with this banner.? It’s evident that there was some thought that went into creating shapes, background picture and the gradient look.? However, the first thing I noticed was “You Professional Development Steps to a successful future.”? It just didn’t sound right.

Matt Coddington-?A 21 year old web designer from Clinton, South Carolina, who has really began to create a name for himself.? Notably,?the goal of his blog ( is to provide readers with real insight into the world of online business without the fluff.? As you can tell from his submission, it’s a comical one.

I actually really like the left side of the banner for our site in that it has a sophisticated “sky is the limit” feel to it.? Unfortunately, the right side?would probably cause some controversy as to the legality of having?an Office Space?character on it, but I think Matt threw this in as a funny gesture, right Matt? :)? (I thought it was a good one)

Matt Blancarte- Is a member of the infinFX team consisting of Nate, Josh and Matt.? Matt’s personal blog seems to be pretty new having content for the past two months.?

Banner 4

What I liked about Matt’s banner is that it was very simple, yet elegant.? The only downside was that it lacked a personal touch that comes with having people in the picture.? This was amongst my top 2.

DJ- Runs a website called BannersCorner which prides itself in providing “very very affordable prices, attractive banners, and a fast turn around time.”?

Although this was Chow’s favorite banner, I would have to say that the people were a bit too stock to bring this banner to life.? I liked the name of our site and the tag line, they had a great contrast.

Nate Whitehill-?A 22-year old student and web entrepreneur, has a strong blog that I often frequent and have implemented some of his suggestions.? He also is a part of the infinFX team.? The more I read and see of these guys, the more impressed I become.

Now, Nate’s submission is the only flash banner that we received.? Because of this, I automatically give him points.? To view the flash banner, go here.? The background change is great and captures the eye.? However, I’m not sure that this is the right girl for the picture.? Well, I actually saw the “fish hand” handshake she was using and I automatically thought she was a dork.?:)? But again, from the people I spoke to and the students that saw this, the flash was eye catching!

Ali- Runs a weblog that is dedicated to providing its readers with the latest information on Web 2.0 Sites, Tech, Internet News and self thought Open Source Ideas along with other pertinent and related articles.

I know John really liked this one.? I feel like Ali used a girl that people can relate to.? She’s wearing a sweater, some rings, little make-up and?you can see the personality with her.? At the same time, it’s professional as she is in a business setting drawing a chart with her finger.? This banner may seem a little too busy, but definitely one of my favorites.

The Prize

Since the banner we are currently using was the most popular banner, we have decided to remain with it for the time being.? As a result, we will give the designer his due $50 for being the winner.? I’m sure it will be a nice unexpected bonus for him.??

For the runner-up banner (banner #6), created by Jeff Kee of Jeff Kee Consulting, we will do a full review of Jeff’s site.? The review will be coming?in the next couple of days.? Congratulations and thank you Jeff!

I hope everyone found this contest somewhat interesting and I expect to see you all in on the next contest :)


27 thoughts on “Banner Contest Recap

  1. Oh dear.
    I’m sure it would have been better PR to give the $50 to the most voted for banner since the original banner was not part of the vote.
    Will there be a mini-backlash?

    1. Ya I’m missing out on $50 bucks..
      Now Jane has to do the OhMiBod video review for us or else…!!!
      *evil chuckle*

  2. “As a result, we will give the designer his due $50 for being the winner. I’m sure it will be a nice unexpected bonus for him. ” – very nice surprise!

  3. I was brought to your site by google in the alst minute. I really enjoyed participating in this contest.
    Looking forward for future contests

  4. I was brought to your site by google – last day of the contest.
    I enjoyed the contest, and looking forward for future contests.

    1. DJ,
      We’re glad that you were able to get in on the contest. We welcome all visitors from all areas of the net. Just out of curiosity, how did you find us on google? What did you search for?

  5. … you mis typed my name hahaha
    a very common mistake.. should be “Kee” not “Key”

    1. DAMN! I am a stickler for grammer. I can’t believe i missed that. Sorry Mr. Key
      jk…It’s fixed.

  6. hahahah…well, a video review would be worth waaaaaaaay too much for even John Chow

      1. Not that I think you should, but just imagine the traffic your site would get!
        (Comments wont nest below this level)

        1. That’s a whole other website … Web 2 point Oh!
          (Comments wont nest below this level)

          1. Zigire, if it’s part of the poll, it’s part of the contest. Please view the poll here. Would you be able to explain your logic behind why it’s a BETTER PR to give it to a second place winner? I am just glad you don’t work for the International Olympic Committee.

  7. Well, my search was “professional banner + contest”
    I wanted to see if there are sites holding contest for professional banners – and there I was to your site

    1. Nice! Look at that…Google actually coming through for us. It’s always great to hear where people come from.

  8. Some nice banners there.
    I’ve recently started my own blog, and I’m wondering if you would want to exchange links?
    If you do, drop me a line at my blog, and I’ll add you to my links.

  9. Sure make a contest for visitors of the blog to choose their favorite web 2.0 type company and say how they would have started/managed it differently.
    Make like a top 10 list and then have a vote.

    1. I like it Ali.
      How about “How I would have made YouTube into a $10 billion company” …
      The answer: monetized the videos for users a while ago to spur on some serious talent to develop ongoing series.
      (Comments wont nest below this level)

      Comment by Jane

      2007-03-01 22:01:40

      Now, why I didn’t I think of that one! If only we could travel back in time.


      Comment by Saman

      2007-03-02 06:45:54

      One of YouTube’s core philosophies was to not put advertising on the videos – the resisted pressure from advertisers to keep the site advertising free to keep the community feel of the site.
      It would be interesting to see if it would have made difference for visitors if there were ads for each video…
      *Check Flux Capacitor*


  10. According to Google analytics, over 50% of my traffic on my blog comes form Google.

    1. Yeah, for some reason we were hurting with google bringing us traffic, atleast now its about 12-14%. I need to work on that some more
      (Comments wont nest below this level)

      1. According to Google Analytics, 63% of my traffic comes from Google. I know that Google is my search engine of choice!
        (Comments wont nest below this level)

  11. i’m glad the current banner won, but congrats to everyone else who entered. it was fun being a part of it.

  12. Good so you now successfully completed the first contest on this blog !
    Am sure you are planning for more…

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