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The final results are in?and we have a clear winner – our current banner won with 40% of the total votes.? This came as a bit of a surprise to us as we were hoping to see a new banner take over the reigns but we are still pleased with the look of our current banner.? We received good feedback from some of you in telling us to make the words more crisp which we will go back to our original designer to perfect.


The remaining results are as follows:

2nd Place: ?Jeff Kee?(Banner #6)?from took 2nd with 19% of the votes.

3rd Place:? Matt Coddington (Banner #1)?from Net Business Blog and with 16% of the votes.

4th Place:? Matt Blancarte (Banner #4) with 13% of the votes.

5th Place: DJ (Banner #2) from Banners Corner with 6% of total votes.

6th Place: Nate Whitehill (Banner #6 – flash) with 5% of the votes.

There was a banner submitted after the cutoff time that we wish could have been in the poll by Ali (Late Banner #1) of Jeff Kee also submitted a solid entry (Late Banner #2) after the cut off time.?

Thank you to everyone for submitting banners and we will have a post later this evening about prize distribution.

9 thoughts on “Banner Contest Winner

  1. Since the current banner won, does this mean the original designer will get the $50 and a perma link on this site?

  2. so no ones anything, huh? At least the comment guys got another link to your site . . . . Great Job Everyone!

  3. BTW you are free to use my design if you like as a random image, though I do ask that you give me a link back on the blog if you do.
    I wish I had submitted it earlier, seeing as you said that you really liked it.

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