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John Anthony and Jane May have come together to write about their experiences in Corporate America and life in general. They bring to the table an interesting mix of knowledge and experience in hopes of creating an environment where everyone can learn from each other through their posts and readers comments.

John Anthony is in the investment management business in Southern California and typically writes about the successes and failures throughout his career, his quest to leave the rat race, and how he has avoided the mundane.

Jane May has quickly and successfully ascended the corporate ranks to get to where she is today – a consultant to companies looking to hire well qualified business students and a resource to many new professionals. Jane currently has working relationships with 23 companies and over 200 business students and new professionals. Jane has seen it all, from the very worst interviews to the very best and brightest new professionals. Her postings shed light on multiple areas graduating college students, new professionals and even companies looking to hire should keep in mind.

20 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thanks GL…We appreciate the words of encouragement. Looks like you have been working on yours also. Great Job!

  2. Hey guys:
    You have a fantastic site here… but unfortunately your RSS feed isn’t working I think. I tried the feedburner link but it gave an error… can you pls check and let me know?

  3. Desh,
    Thank you! We appreciate the great feedback. I just noticed the RSS acting funny. We’ll get on it and let you know.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Thanks Jane! It works well now!

  5. Hi Jane
    I just came by your blog today via John Chow of all people very unexpected but glad.
    Now you have joined the recruitment fraternity of bloggers I want to wish you the best from an old recruitment/blogger in the UK. ( http://www.recruitment-views.com )
    I have not had a chance to read all your posts but I just thought I would say I love the clean lines of the blog and I am impressed with your success to date. I hope we cross paths in the future, web wise of course.

  6. I think your blog lends tremendous credibility and example of what I’m actively researching as I set out to study and make sense of the blogosphere and careers.
    I read many tips nowadays that to increase your marketability in a world where there is no more job security, you have to be out on the Web, create your own Web site and most of all, write a blog. Next, you embed keywords in all of these productions so that when employers and recruiters Google for candidates, they find you and invite you for job interviews.
    However, I’m only seeing a limited subset of people doing that. If they have clearly demonstrable skills, that sounds great. But most left out of that job search equation is management.
    I rarely see VP’s and others with higher ranking positions with supervisory or managerial duties blog. Management tends to be conservative and guarded with its word. When I finally locate the site of someone who has risen through the ranks, it’s usually an at-heart entrepreneur who finally chose to be on their own, and wants to use blogs and the Internet as form of personal branding.
    I’m still hesitant about the whole subject because “personal branding” can also be taken to mean “maverick” or “not a team player.” It seems strange that many employers say they want self-motivated independent thinkers, and yet they don’t show evidence of that online, fearing colleagues won’t welcome them into other parts of Corporate America.
    So thanks for the introductory insight of where this new medium takes us, and you.

    1. I blog could also be your death in a job interview. I think you hit it on the head.
      Corporate types don’t really like mavericks, even if they give it lip service. In general they do not want self-motivated independent thinkers.

  7. Excellent work with this blog! Informative, concise, straight-to-the-point, and easy to read.

  8. I just wanted to add that that this has quickly become one of my favorite places on the net.

  9. Well, you have done a great job. Today is my first day here at your site, and I am now a fan.

  10. When is there going ot be an announcement that you have decided to sell careerramblings? Who is the new owner?

  11. What a cool site and very complimentary to the JMB site too. I’m sure I’ll spend lots of time here…and thanks for dropping by my site also!

  12. First off, I Love the site!
    I’m glad there are more and more business professionals giving insight to how the corporate world truly operates, especially for those new college hires or even graduate students, this site is a must read for them!
    If only C.R. had been around before I entered the corporate arena.

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