Tony Hai of Florida Discusses the Role of CIOs and Their Ever-Evolving Time Management Dilemma

Tony Hai of Florida is a business centered CIO. In the following article, Hamy Anthony Hai highlights the importance of big-picture thinking to create a perspective that reflects the role’s expansion and ever-increasing demands. CIOs have always faced the complex time management problem — juggling operational responsibilities and strategic opportunities is no small feat. But […]

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Yingyan Huang

Yingyan Huang Discusses Cybersecurity in 2023

Yingyan Huang is an entrepreneur in the technology industry, with a focus on IT and cybersecurity. In the following article, Yingyan Huang discusses potential cyber threats, and how new technologies can prevent future data breaches. As we look back on 2022, it’s clear that the year continued a recent trend toward increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Unlike […]

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Anne and Carl Deane

Anne and Carl Deane on Foodie Destinations

Anne and Carl Deane are siblings who enjoy traveling together with their families and blogging about their experiences online. In the following article, Anne and Carl Deane discuss foodie travel, and why culinary vacations are increasingly popular. People have many reasons for travel, whether it’s culture, adventure, or visiting friends and family across the globe. […]

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