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The 9 to 5 can really take its toll on your physical appearance and fitness level if you aren’t careful. This fact has been proven true by the continually expanding waistline of the typical American. Despite the amount of information available about proper diet and fitness, people are still becoming more and more obese. Could [...]

When you are writing up your resume it can become quite tempting to really embellish your previous experience, accomplishments, and achievements. You really should avoid doing so, as even if you don’t get the job, it can raise expectations for performance and capability, and you may find that you are unable to deliver.
That’s not the [...]

Have you ever wondered where your resume went after you submitted it (either online or in person)? The most obvious answer is that it is given to someone who is in charge of hiring, and then from there it was perhaps passed on to a higher authority, but it likely ended with the first person, [...]

As you begin to become more established in your career it is only natural to begin to place your focus on your work. This causes you to accomplish more, find new and insightful ideas or perhaps even some exciting new methods that may increase your efficiency or productivity. Allowing your career to monopolize your time [...]

The modern job market is competitive, and for that reason many students (including high school students) are basing their education around a particular job that they want, discounting their long term career goals. This seems to be a bit of the opposite goal of post-secondary education (whatever happened to self growth and discovery?), but [...]

The professional world is torn between whether or not your resume should have an objective statement. Many feel that an objective, when written correctly, adds a sense of personality and purpose to your resume. However, it is universally agreed that an objective statement that has been myopically written dos not add anything to the resume, [...]

I’d like to start off by saying that this article is designed to take a different approach. Whereas anyone can tell you the fundamentals of running a business, I thought I’d venture out a bit and talk about what you would need to start a specific business. In this case, a bakery. [...]

Don’t Deal- Do!

As an employer, I have often been mystified by the sheer variation in quality of the resumes that I receive when I accept applications. A few people submit a polished, well presented application/resume, and I feel that it does a good job of effectively allowing them to present themselves to me. Far more, however, submit [...]

Review Our Blog - Round 9

Here we are again with another review our blog update. Round 9 brought in some much appreciated reviews.
The new reviews in round 9 came from the following sites:

TVB Drama Fan
Black Rock
Personal Thailand
Workout Review
Web Directory
Adsense News
Solid Web

The reviews have been coming in lower numbers than in the past, but that doesn’t make us appreciate them any [...]

In my posting from last week (see Partnerships: Adoptme.com ) I talked about the partnership I was involved in to sell Adoptme plush toys. The toy company went out of business, and I ended up losing the $37,000 I had invested plus I paid another $25,000 to buy the Adoptme.com website back. But, the story [...]

Your interview is going smoothly. You’ve managed to break the ice, and the awkwardness has decreased substantially as a result. The interviewer seems impressed with how you’ve responded so far, but you aren’t in the clear yet.
The interviewer is now asking questions that are job relevant, or seem as if they have some kind of [...]

You will never get rich working for someone else. This statement, though disturbing in a few ways, is completely accurate. The entrepreneurs – the people who put personal or financial risk on the line for their business – are the ones who make the most money, experience the greatest financial rewards, and enjoy the satisfaction [...]

The subject today is partnerships. I have been involved in 3 partnerships over my 12 year Internet career, and none of them have ever worked out very well. I’ll start by talking about my Adoptme Toys partnership. In one of my previous postings I wrote about how I got my AdoptMe plush toy [...]