Career Jumping: Why Young People Should Change Careers At Least Twice


You’re a bright eyed college graduate, fresh out of school and ready to take on the world. The last several years of your life have been wrought with exams, studying, and all night parties (to study, I’m sure). The first job that you get out of college won’t be the one you retire from, and there’s good reason for that.

Most people have no idea what they want to do with their life. They go to school because everyone tells them that it’s a good idea, yet they don’t know why they are there or if what they’re taking is the right program for them. They graduate, their degree in hand, and they still have no idea what they’re supposed to do with life.

Unfortunately, there is little to guide students in the direction of their future career. Most students don’t actually know what they want to do because no one tells them what they could do, or what they’d be good at. Sure, you can take tests and personality assessments, but that doesn’t dictate for you what you might be good at, or if you’ll even have an interest in it.

The only way you’ll ever truly know is by experience, and you only get experience by getting out there and doing the work. If the job that you’re currently doing isn’t ideal, there is no shame in moving on to the next one. In fact, you should do this several times until you’ve found something that sticks.

Once you’ve found that you’re ahead of 80% of the other graduates, so settle in and start your career.

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1 thought on “Career Jumping: Why Young People Should Change Careers At Least Twice

  1. I’d like to add that if you’re not young any more – or if you’re young but no longer just out of school – you owe it to yourself to take a good look at what you’re doing and how happy you are doing it.
    I ask many of my clients, who range from their 30s on up, “Would you trust an 18-year-old to make life-changing decisions for you?” When they look at me funny and say, “Of course not,” I just point out, “Well, you did. After all, you’re still in the same career you picked when you were choosing your college major!”
    Lots of people feel tied to their jobs by a sense of responsibility to the job, their family, or simply by the golden handcuffs of salary and benefits. But there are always more options than you think there are, and exploring them can open some truly wonderful doors in your life.

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