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Caron Jones Discusses Retirement Living in North Carolina: Exploring 55+ Communities


As the sun sets on a chapter of one’s life, a new and exciting journey awaits in the realm of retirement living. For those seeking an enriching and vibrant community to call home in their golden years, the expertise of a seasoned realtor like Caron Jones becomes invaluable.

In the following article, Caron Jones of Burlington, North Carolina delves into her real estate knowledge and experience, offering prospective residents a guided tour of the exceptional retirement living options that North Carolina has to offer.

When someone reaches retirement age, the pursuit of the perfect sanctuary becomes more than a dream; it becomes a reality.

The state of North Carolina is an idyllic haven for individuals in their golden years. With its vibrant communities, enriching social atmosphere, and great weather, the state has proven itself as an enticing destination for retirees seeking the ideal senior experience.

Caron Jones of Burlington, North Carolina explores the retirement communities and active adult living options in North Carolina, highlighting the state’s lovely 55+ communities.

Caron Jones on the Difference Between Retirement Living and Active Adult Communities

Retirement living and living in a 55+ community are two different things.

Each option offers a unique way of living, amenities, and benefits that are tailored to the varied preferences of retirees.

Retirement Living

Caron Jones of Burlington, North Carolina says that in general, retirement living is like an assisted living community or a traditional nursing home wherein the elderly receive round-the-clock care from caregivers and medical professionals. These specialized housing communities are designed for senior citizens who are in their post-working years.

Retirement living communities offer an array of housing options such as assisted living and memory care facilities. This type of living usually provides a family-style atmosphere, offering private or semi-private rooms for each individual that resides in the home.

Active Adult Communities

On the other hand, an active adult community is a residential development exclusively designed for individuals aged 55 years and older who are seeking an independent and socially engaging way of living.

Caron Jones of Burlington, North Carolina notes that this is not exclusive to retirees, though – adults over the age of 18 are also welcome. These developments usually only accept older adults (55+) for full-time residency, but younger adults can stay for a limited time.

55+ communities typically offer a wide range of amenities such as swimming pools, golf courses, fitness centers, recreational centers, clubs, and various other organized activities tailored to the needs, interests, and preferences of their active retirees.

Options for housing vary, including single detached houses, duplex-style homes, and luxurious condominium-style units.

Many of these communities also have on-site medical care and services for individuals who may need them.

55+ communities are a popular choice for individuals who are nearing retirement and want to move, downsize, or simplify their lifestyle, explains Caron Jones of Burlington, North Carolina.

Caron Jones Burlington North Carolina
Embrace the Golden Years Living in The Tar Heel State

Over the years, more and more older adults are choosing to settle down in North Carolina’s 55+ communities.

These neighborhoods provide plenty of amenities and social opportunities for retirees and active adults alike. Moreover, the state offers a lower cost of living that other retirement destinations cannot compete against, ensuring that retirees are able to maximize their golden years.

Caron Jones of Burlington, North Carolina says that between the affordability, the serene and picturesque landscapes, and the thriving urban centers, North Carolina opens the door to a retirement lifestyle that many have always dreamed of.

The Most Popular Retirement Cities in North Carolina

As per the U.S. News & World Report, the following North Carolina cities are the most popular for retirement:

  • Asheville
  • Durham
  • Hickory
  • Winston-Salem
  • Charlotte
  • Greensboro

Cost of Living

Kiplingers Personal Finance Magazine has noted the key reasons why so many retirees choose North Carolina for their retirement, such as the low housing costs and no state tax on retirement income.

Caron Jones of Burlington, North Carolina explains that, with about 200 active 55+ communities in North Carolina, there are options that suit every price point. From smaller condo-style units with a starting price within the high hundreds to million-dollar luxury properties. There are also numerous options for seniors who are just looking to rent.

Simplifying Life: Downsizing in an Adult Community

Downsizing within an active adult community provides retirees with plenty of benefits. By transitioning to a simpler lifestyle and a more manageable living space, seniors can enjoy reduced maintenance responsibilities, as well as lower property tax and utility costs, which means more valuable time and money for them.
Retirement in North Carolina indeed is a dream come true.

Caron Jones of Burlington, North Carolina says that for retirees who are seeking to transition to a 55+ community, the expertise of a skilled realtor is essential. Realtors can assist seniors in navigating the available options among these communities. With their personalized guidance, in-depth knowledge, and grasp on retirees’ needs, realtors act as the bridge for seniors to reach a new and exciting chapter in their life, spent in a community that feels like home.

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