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Chris Vitale On Training Effectively


Chris Vitale understands that most dealerships have some form of training schedule in place. However, training schedules are a lot like gym memberships. Just because a dealership has one, doesn’t mean it’s used as often or as effectively as it should be. The gym is a place where you truly only get what you put in and the same can be said for training. Consistency is essential and the true measure of training success.

Getting into a Training Routine

The only way that a training system can work is to have complete buy-in from all members of management. Leadership will be the determining factor on whether a training schedule is adhered to. As a General Manager, Chris Vitale understands that it can be difficult to allocate the time it takes to conduct training. However, the results from training will go a long way towards saving time in the future. Most GM’s have interjected themselves in the sales process to help close deals. This is an okay practice sporadically, but a recipe for disaster when employees aren’t trusted to close the deal on their own. Training is the best way to give others the ability to handle sales throughout steps of A to Z. When management understands the purpose behind the training, it becomes easier to hold them accountable.

A Routine Takes About a Month to Establish

Both good and bad habits take about a month to establish. The initial month is a time where it is critical to stay on top of a training schedule and push through any feelings to postpone meetings or put things off for convenience. One of the easiest ways to ensure that trainings are attended and fruitful is to set goals for sales reps that must be met. These goals can include everything from perfect attendance at trainings to providing helpful feedback on what types of lessons would prove most beneficial. Sales reps are experiencing things every day that management may not see. Gathering feedback on what actionable advice would benefit them is a great to keep them engaged and focused. One of the easiest excuses to make as a sales rep is that the leads are junk. Take the time to discuss what makes a lead a bad lead and it may just open opportunities to train a sales rep on how to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

People who give up on their gym membership typically point to not seeing the results in a fast enough period. Don’t allow yourself or your team to make excuses. Use goal setting to track results of the training. If goals aren’t met, explore why and adjust the trainings to better fit the needs of your team. It is more than likely that a new training program won’t launch without a single flaw. In the gym, form typically improves over time. Chris Vitale explains that the General Manager works as the trainer to fine tune the training routine to see what the person responds to. As people progress in the gym, their trainer will switch up their routine to focus on areas of weakness. The same logic applies to a sales rep training program. Event the most experienced professional can learn new tips and tricks.


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