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Christian Business Incubator Reviews High-Profile Christian Business Leaders


Christian Business Incubator is a faith-based mentorship that works with Christian entrepreneurs who practice their devotion in both personal and business relationships. In the following article, Christian Business Incubator reviews some of the most famous Christian business leaders doing God’s work here on Earth.

Faith has played an important role in numerous business leaders’ philosophies. From John D Rockefeller to Dolly Parton, Christianity has shaped the goals, charitable activities, and business practices of some of America’s – and the world’s – great leaders.
Below, Christian Business Incubator reviews some of the highest-profile business leaders today whose activities are shaped by their Christian faith.

Dolly Parton

Christian Business Incubator reviews that the renowned country singer and philanthropist makes no secret of placing her faith at the forefront of her work. Parton is renowned for her charitable activities, so much so that Jeff Bezos has entrusted her with $100 million to continue her good work.

Faith has been a major theme in Parton’s music over the years. While considered a glamorous figure by many, Parton is extremely down to Earth and lives a modest, humble life. It’s been reported that despite being one of country music’s most famous faces, people don’t recognize her in the street because the legendary blonde hair is just a wig that she doesn’t wear in public. Dolly would rather stay out of the public eye and carry on her good work in the background.

Christian Business Incubator reviews that Dolly has said in interviews that she thanks God each morning and asks that He bless the day. She channels this love into her philanthropic activities, donating millions of dollars to worthy causes as well as providing books for children.

Tom Chappell

Tom Chappell is the man behind Tom’s of Maine. The company provides natural care products that eschew additives and artificial components in favor of natural, holistic ingredients.

Christian Business Incubator reviews that Chappell’s faith was a central part of his life long before he started Tom’s of Maine. He studied at Harvard Divinity School and is an active member of Maine’s Episcopal Church. This has included positions concerned with environmental stewardship, which is inherently linked to his company’s commitment to promoting naturally sourced products.

Christian Business Incubator reviews that his other business venture is Rambler’s Way, which stocks naturally sourced wool clothing products. The wool is sourced locally to reduce environmentally damaging transport costs and to ensure that production is ethical at every stage.

Chappell’s faith has made him one of the most responsible business leaders of the late 20th Century. He continues to pursue charitable activities and remains active in his local church.

Do Won “Don” Chang

Do Won Chang, known as Don Chang, is the founder of Forever 21. Christian Business Incubator reviews that he wears his faith on his sleeve – or, more specifically, on the retail packaging Forever 21 provides. John 3:16 is quoted on every bag the company uses!

Don and his wife are devout Christians and perform missionary work as well as donate to numerous charitable causes. While the business is strictly secular, the Christian goal of bringing love and light into others’ lives is central to Chang’s business practices.

Tony Blair

The former UK Prime Minister was famous – and somewhat contentious in his home country – for putting his faith at the forefront of his decision-making. Since leaving politics, he has gone on to become a successful business leader and philanthropist, donating large sums to charity and letting his faith guide his activities.

Some may find Blair a surprising candidate on this list. However, Christian Business Incubator reviews that as a high-profile business leader who trusts in his faith to lead him to the right choices, he shows that leaders from all walks of life are inspired by Christian beliefs to make a difference.

Christian Business Incubator reviews

Bill Gates

Bill Gates needs no introduction as the founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s richest men. However, while his faith is less frequently mentioned than some other business leaders, Gates is a practicing Catholic and has donated massive sums to charity over the years.

Recently, Gates has become more involved in his local church along with his charitable activities. This shows that no matter how high a business leader rises, the humility of faith is the great leveler – no leader is so mighty as to rise above the Christian impulse to improve oneself and the lives of others.

Faith Shapes How People Use Their Fortunes

Christian Business Incubator reviews that the relationship between faith and business is fascinating, unique, and sometimes even uncomfortable. However, the profiles of these business leaders show that all types of people are led by their Christian faith to do good in the world and the many forms belief can take.

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