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Gary Katcher of Greenwich and Libertas Funding, LLC Welcome New Technology

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Financial technology companies are structured for growth due to their ability to harness the power of technology. For example, when founding Libertas Funding, LLC, a Greenwich, Connecticut-based fintech, Gary Katcher had the foresight at inception to embrace data science. As a result, today Libertas Funding, LLC is able to perform sophisticated data analysis to examine how the company can further develop its proprietary platform and products. Gary Katcher, explained that “we built Libertas Funding with the mindset that utilizing new technology would be critical to improving and expediting solutions for our clients.”

Overall, the field of data science has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. It is a complex area, involving mathematics, computer engineering, artificial intelligence and statistics. More specifically, data science is the collection and analysis of data to extract insights for businesses. Perhaps the most well-known area of data science is artificial intelligence (“AI”). While data science relies on historical information to draw conclusions, AI goes even further by enabling machines to learn from information received (a process known as machine learning). Taken collectively, data science, AI and machine learning form a powerful force for expansion for all types of businesses.

As with many technology-forward companies, Libertas Funding, LLC seeks to use data in both prescriptive and predictive ways. Currently, Libertas Funding, LLC has expanded its use of technology from traditional data science functions to incorporating AI and machine learning solutions into core processes to facilitate increased efficiency in operations. Ultimately, Gary Katcher believes that “scaling a company requires a sustained dedicated investment in technology and always keeping an eye on new developments in the field.”

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