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Although some of you have probably been shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s also a good time to start updating your resumes and cover letters for summer internships or post-grad jobs. The earlier you start the better so take the next month and get the resumes looking as good as possible to make yourself attractive to employers.

Jane and I plan on helping some of you spruce up your resumes and cover letters in January, but in the mean time here is an excellent resource for you to get started. We should have several more posts on this topic as job hunting season gets closer.

2 thoughts on “Get Your Resumes Out

  1. Hi,
    I have a resume and am currently looking for jobs.I dont know how this works but I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look at it and tell me what changes I need to make in it.

  2. Kunal,
    Thank you for coming to us and asking for help. That’s what we are here for. We want to provide you with as much useful information and advice to help find that ideal job.
    You can email me your resume and I’ll provide some suggestions. Let me know what you think. I just need to know a few things…
    1) What industry are you interested in and in what geographic location?
    2) What is your ideal job?
    3) If you have a job posting that you are interested in applying to, send it to me with your resume so that it can reflect exactly what they are looking for.
    My email is� .
    I look forward to giving your resume an “Extreme Make Over.”
    Best regards,

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