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Great Danes of the Ozarks: Devin Harris of Joplin, MO Educates on Avoiding Puppy Scams


As the festive season approaches, it’s crucial to stay informed about potential scams, especially when it comes to purchasing puppies. Devin Harris, a prominent Great Dane breeder from Joplin, MO, emphasizes the importance of being vigilant.

Understanding the Red Flags

Devin Harris’s expertise in the field of dog breeding has positioned him as a key figure in identifying and addressing puppy scams. Devin has been at the forefront of combating puppy scams in his region, and he knows exactly how to pinpoint the primary indicator of a scam: the price. A price that seems too good to be true is, more often than not, a definite scam. Devin Harris notes that most victims of these frauds are those seeking a bargain, unaware of the hidden costs and risks involved.

Financial Realities of Owning a Giant Breed

The financial implications of owning a giant breed such as a Great Dane extend far beyond the initial purchase price, a crucial aspect that Devin Harris emphasizes to all potential buyers. While they can be a joy to own, these majestic animals come with substantial financial responsibilities that should not be underestimated. Harris points out that opting for less expensive puppies may seem economically feasible in the short term, but this decision will often lead to considerable expenses down the line. The lower cost can be indicative of substandard breeding practices, which in turn may result in a myriad of health issues for the dog. These health issues are not only emotionally taxing, but also financially burdensome, as they often necessitate frequent and sometimes extensive veterinary care. From routine health checks and vaccinations to potential treatment for genetic conditions that are common in large breeds, the costs can accumulate rapidly. Harris strongly advises potential owners to fully comprehend and prepare for these potential ongoing expenses. Investing in a well-bred puppy from a reputable breeder may have a higher initial cost, but it will typically translate into fewer health-related expenses in the long run. This approach not only ensures the well-being of the dog, but also provides a more predictable and manageable financial commitment for the owner. Therefore, when considering bringing a Great Dane or any giant breed into one’s life, it’s imperative to assess and plan for the full spectrum of financial obligations involved with ensuring a healthy, happy life for these gentle giants.

Invest Wisely in Your Puppy

Devin Harris strongly advocates for a perspective shift among future pet owners, urging them to see the purchase of a puppy not merely as a transaction, but as a significant investment in their future. This investment goes beyond the financial aspect; it encompasses the emotional and long-term commitment to maintaining the well-being of a new family member. He advises potential owners to approach this decision with care, emphasizing the importance of saving and planning ahead. Accumulating sufficient funds not only for the initial purchase, but also for the ongoing care of the puppy is essential. In essence, investing wisely in a puppy is about recognizing the long-term responsibility and joy of dog ownership. It’s about making informed decisions, preparing financially and emotionally, and choosing a breeder who offers not just a puppy, but a lifetime of support and guidance. By following this approach, future pet owners can ensure a harmonious, fulfilling relationship with their new canine companion.

The Harris Approach

As a seasoned breeder, Devin Harris of Joplin, MO, sets high standards for potential clients, including an 8-page application and thorough background checks. Transparency is critical in his approach, offering video chats to showcase puppies and providing extensive documentation to prove authenticity. Devin Harris highlights the essential role that a reputable and trustworthy breeder plays in this process. A credible breeder does more than just sell a puppy; they become a guide and resource throughout the puppy’s life. Devin Harris, for instance, offers a model for clients to follow. He provides comprehensive, verifiable credentials, such as AKC (American Kennel Club) paperwork, ensuring the pedigree and health of the puppies. Additionally, his presence extends beyond the immediate sale, with a well-established, informative website that serves as a hub for advice, support, and community engagement. Devin Harris’s website,, stands as a testament to his credibility with various featured testimonials and plenty of detailed information about his breeding practice.

Red Flags to Watch For

Devin Harris lists several red flags to be wary of:

  • Suspiciously low prices
  • Payment requests via gift cards
  • Inclusion of shipping fees in the price
  • Lack of a professional website
  • Poor grammar in communication
  • Refusal or constant excuses for not engaging in phone or video chats
  • Inability to produce AKC documents or relevant paperwork
  • Lack of vet or client reference

A Community Effort

The fight against puppy scams is a community effort. Devin Harris and the admin team are dedicated to helping potential buyers identify legitimate breeders while staying away from scammers. Their goal is to protect the integrity of breeders and ensure safe, happy homes for their puppies.

As Devin Harris of Joplin and the Great Danes of the Ozarks community continue their vigilant work, they remind potential buyers: when in doubt, reach out. Their collective experience and dedication are invaluable resources in navigating the complex world of puppy purchases.

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