How To Pay Your Bills On Time


Several of you have emailed saying it is difficult to keep up with paying your bills on time. I used to have a big problem with this too. I’ll write out the steps I took to fix this problem and then tell you what the main fix was.

Step 1: Determine two dates during the month to designate as your “bill paying days”. Create folders with the dates listed on each. The dates should be approximately two weeks apart. I use the 10th and the 25th. Keep these folders in plain site where you will naturally see them daily.

Step 2: As each of your bills arrive, open them up and check the due dates. Place the bill in the appropriate folder giving yourself about 5 days time before due date to account for the mail and check cashing.

Step 3: Mark your calendar (Outlook or Google Calendar) for the two dates you specified as “bill paying dates”.

Step 4: Be disciplined enough to sit down in the morning of the designated days and pay your bills. You can use this method for both online bill pay and paying by check.

The key to successful implementation of this is to do step 1. Once you create the folders and have them in plain site, you will be forced to do the rest. This worked for me and it’s very simple to follow.

Use this online payment processing  tool for all your home business billing needs. This new system can  help organize  your monthly recurring billing.  Read the National Electronic Payment Association guidelines before deciding on a system. You can have clients access the electronic check processing tool instead of going through a bank.

7 thoughts on “How To Pay Your Bills On Time

  1. my biggest issue with paying bills is that often I find myself without the funds available!

  2. Good article. I have a problem with this also. I use the 15th and 25th because of all my mortgages. My problem is that certain bills slip through. My water and electric come on the 20th-25th and if they miss the 25th payment I don’t look until the next 15th. Problem is that they’re usually due on the 7th-10th.

  3. Great post guys.
    Over the years I’ve tried all kinds of different systems for this with mixed results.
    The absolute most reliable way to get those bills paid on time every time has been getting Jennifer to do it. Creative types and numbers are like oil and water.
    Have an awesome day!

  4. This sounds like a great method. Keeping those bills in plain view is a constant reminder and the thought of incurring finance charges should keep you focused.

    1. Sherry,
      I couldn’t agree with you more! But for some reason, I still struggle to remember to send those stubs. I need to make everything electronic so I can just forget about it.
      Thanks for stopping in!

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