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James Thornton of Arizona on Wellness and Motivation in Real Estate

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James Thornton of Arizona works in the real estate industry, dedicating his time to coaching and mentoring fellow professionals. James Thornton is not just a real estate veteran; he’s also committed to empowering others by sharing the valuable skills he’s mastered over the years. In the following article, James Thornton of Arizona discusses ways to balance professional success and personal well-being in the high-stakes, competitive real estate market.

According to research, most individuals who enter the real estate industry are unable to make it past the first three to five-year mark. Only about 13 percent of real estate agents succeed, with over 87 percent failing within this time.

This in turn reflects the alarmingly high rate of burnout in the field. Real estate agents have to constantly find suitable properties and then price, list, market, and show them to potential buyers. James Thornton of Arizona says that on top of that, they are expected to constantly come up with fresh ideas and solutions to stay ahead.

The right work-life balance can help agents stay active, motivated, and most importantly, healthy. Below, James Thornton explores the importance of wellness and motivation in the high-paced world of real estate so that agents can achieve success without sacrificing their health.

James Thornton of Arizona Discusses How to Avoid Burnout for Real Estate Agents

James Thornton of Arizona explains that real estate agents are typically tied to long work hours, sacrificing weekends, and being on their gadgets almost 24/7.

“Working long hours leads to poor sleep, which then negatively impacts one’s focus and productivity. Lack of focus can affect a real estate agent’s work, especially because contracts and negotiations are always on the line,” says the founder and managing broker of Center Coast Realty in Chicago, Mike McElroy.

So how can real estate workers deal with the high pressures and constant stresses in their line of work? Here are some tips:

Stay Organized

Real estate is a logistical business and agents deal with numerous listings, reports, and contracts in a day’s work. James Thornton of Arizona says that having a sound system to track all this information ensures that everything is easily accessible and available once needed.

Setting up a daily schedule is also essential so that agents can efficiently control their time and efforts. This ensures that they’re taking on everything that needs to be accomplished that day without feeling overwhelmed.

James Thornton of Arizona notes that it’s important to stick to the schedule and once everything is accomplished for the day, don’t take on any more work.

Set a Limit

In line with the tip above, it’s also ideal for agents to set time limits for themselves. A single client or task can take too much time, leaving the agent with less time or energy for others. Designate a reasonable amount of time for each client or task and set reminders when it’s time to move on to the next.

Doing so will not only leave more time for more clients but also more personal time to relax. It’s amazing how much extra time one can make for themselves just by setting small limits.

Utilize Firm or Company Support

Assistance and support can go a long way in a real estate agent’s career. Many companies and real estate firms offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) that provide confidential counseling and support services for employees who are experiencing personal or work-related issues.

James Thornton of Arizona explains that whether one seeks advice, mentorship, or simply someone to talk to about work concerns, agents should utilize the resources provided by their company to help resolve their issues.

James Thornton Arizona

Seek Help When Needed

One of the best ways to avoid burnout and prioritize one’s mental well-being is to seek help when needed. As mentioned, agents can utilize their company resources to voice out their problems, or they can hire a therapist or simply talk to a friend.

If work becomes overwhelming, they shouldn’t hesitate to ask for assistance from their colleagues, friends, or family. Taking on everything alone and all at once will only drain one physically and mentally.

Practice Mindfulness

James Thornton of Arizona says that mindfulness is the practice of being aware and focusing on the present. In real estate, agents can incorporate mindfulness practices to reduce stress and help them face challenges better.

When things get stressful, they can try deep breathing to relax. Mindful listening to clients and focusing on one task at a time are other ways to stay mindful.


Burnout can get in the way of a real estate agent’s career. Health and mental well-being should be prioritized because without these two, success cannot be achieved.

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