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Joey Armstrong Discusses Digital Marketing Trends for 2023


Joey Armstrong specializes in digital marketing, and part of that role requires staying on top of upcoming trends in the industry. In the following article, Joey Armstrong explores the next big marketing strategies for 2023, providing examples of the top trends making big changes in business marketing.

As the demand for technology expands and more people have access to the internet than ever before, digital marketing remains a constantly evolving environment with tremendous appeal for businesses.

Thanks to marketer-friendly platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, online advertising is in a league of its own compared to other ways of promoting products and services explains Joey Armstrong. Thus, staying ahead of the curve on the latest trends becomes paramount in competitor-ridden business landscapes, and looking ahead to next year’s potential waves might be necessary.

Below, Joey Armstrong provides four of the next big digital marketing trends for the new year.

1. Joey Armstrong on Expanding Utilization of AI & Machine Learning

With artificial intelligence use booming in many technological sectors, Joey Armstrong says that AI can take digital marketing by storm in next year, unsurprisingly.

Artificial intelligence is already employed to monitor customer behavior, track trends within the market, and evaluate the real-time effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign. Its utilization is bound to increase in the coming year, explains Joey Armstrong.

There are many ways businesses can utilize artificial intelligence in the near future, including customer segmentation, lead generation assignments, and campaign management. Machine learning can also expedite the process of creating personalized messages and advertising, which allows companies to develop long-lasting connections with their customer base at a fraction of the staffing and cost.

Artificial intelligence, when incorporated correctly, can significantly improve the success rates of digital marketing campaigns says Joey Armstrong.

2. Greater Emphasis on Customer Experience

Prioritizing customer experience plays a crucial role in gaining loyal clients who will refer loved ones to their favorite businesses and, in turn, generate new leads. In 2023, directors and marketers will continue to do so while exploring new ways to make the overall shopping experience as seamless as possible, matching client and product in record time says Joey Armstrong.

In a world where consumers have less time than ever before to get the products and services they want, some desire no-nonsense transactions with no fluff whatsoever when shopping online – a trend further exacerbated by the pandemic decreasing the younger generation’s attention spans. Digital marketing can play a role in expediting this process via simple and streamlined web design. For instance, a detailed and easy-to-navigate FAQ section on a company’s website can mitigate the time clients have to spend waiting for a customer service representative.

Joey Armstrong

3. Real-Time Messaging & Chatbots

As another facet of customer service, more and more businesses now have a real-time chatbot or messaging system overlaying their webpage. These services provide an excellent way for customers to get their questions answered promptly. Chatbots are also excellent tools for collecting data on customer behavior, allowing companies to understand their consumer bases more than ever before.

Using real-time messaging is also great for personalizing the shopping experience for the consumer. A customized sales strategy based on a specific type of customer behavior will make similar customers feel as though the products or services the business is selling were explicitly designed for them to purchase.

Chatbots are especially useful for businesses that may not have the budget to keep sales reps working all hours to answer a customer’s queries states Joey Armstrong.

4. Continued Prominence of Influencer Marketing

Publicity and advertisements featuring public figures or celebrities are as wildly effective now as they’ve always been. Consumers will eat up the product or service a business is advertising if it features their favorite football player or pop artist. Employing these same methods on a smaller scale with industry-related influencers becomes a fantastic option for small businesses that don’t have the pull or marketing budget to attract big stars.

When it comes to promoting their products, modern companies must have a dynamic game plan, and employing influencers to rave about their products – especially on popular social media platforms – is a great place to start. Like celebrities, influencers have large niche followings, making this method a highly efficient means of bringing in a new target audience for a brand’s products or services. As long as brands reach out to influencers whose content complements their products, it’s almost guaranteed that such a campaign will be successful according to Joey Armstrong.

Stay Ahead of the Trends

From utilizing artificial intelligence on a larger scale to staying on schedule with influencer marketing, the digital marketing space will continue to flourish as long as consumers continue their social media and internet use. Businesses both big and small must stay ahead of the curve and implement modern digital marketing trends and techniques to drive more customers to their front doors and avoid falling behind their competitors.

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