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Recently, I met with a top official at Mitsubishi Motors North America for a Q & A session on the corporation and what the corporation looks for in hiring new employees.

For those of you that don’t know much about Mitsubishi Motors, their mission is to “design, develop, and sell exciting, technologically cutting edge quality vehicles by focusing on and valuing our human talent.” This type of mission makes for a fast paced, exciting and constantly changing corporate culture.

The following questions and answers shows you how dynamic of a company Mitsubishi Motors is.

  • Tell me a little about the organizational structure?

The structure is a typical/ standard structure that models itself to serve the consumer with exemplary service.

There is a very high Japanese management influence in the company. In our location, there is a Japanese counterpart for every executive position for a more holistic inclusion of their Japanese companies.

  • What is your typical Candidate profile?

For midlevel positionswe look for 10 years prior experience including 8 years of Human Resource experience managing/administering/implementing employee relations policies and assuring legal compliance.

Comprehensive consultative and interpersonal skills.

BA/BS degree in Human Resources/ Business or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • What are some competencies and behaviors you look for in a candidate?

Results Oriented: Delivering expected results, with balanced consideration of how those results are achieved.

Proactive: Personal initiative in undertaking work, learning, developing new approaches, and improving deliverable value.

Concern for Quality: Strong orientation to prevention and early detection of problems and take corrective action.

Communication: Ecpressing information, views and beliefs effectively to others verbally and in writing; listening to others and demonstrating an accurate understanding of their message’s content and tone.

Teamwork: Collaboration with others at all levels to accomplish shared goals and strengthen relationships, knowledge, experience and information.

Adaptabiltiy: Embraving the opportunities for business and personal success that result from changing market realities.

These were some of the few questions answered by the Mitsubishi manager. For more details on this interview such as entry level positions avilable, compensation packedges, and a potential internship opportunity, sign up to the RDS newsletter that should be coming up shortly.

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