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I own around 10,000 domain names, and 9500 of them are “parked”. The other 500 I use for real sites (like Domain parking is a way to make money from any unused domains that you own. The way it works is that you turn over management of your domain (you still keep ownership of it though) to a domain parking company like Traffic Valet and they create a page for it consisting of link results from a major search engine (Like Google or Yahoo). Everytime a site visitor clicks on one of these links, the domain parking company pays you money. A good example of this is my domain . 5-6 Years ago I made it into a meta job search engine, where it searched job listings from dozens of sites all on one page. This site cost a lot of money to build and maintain and made very little income, even though it was popular. I shut that down and I now just have the domain parked and it makes $1000/month, and I do no work to run it. So, I am happy with that.On the other hand, many people would look at a great domain like and say making $1000/month from it is nothing because it could be built into a big brand and be one of the top job sites, so parking it is a waste. And, they may be right. But, my point is that you should never just let you domains sit there unused. Domain parking is a great way to earn income from a domain until the time you decide to actually build a site on it.

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  1. Well, I just wrote a comment and it disappeared…I appologize if this shows up twice
    I just wanted to say that this sounds very cool and I’d like to investigate it a bit more. Can you tell us if the parking service – like Traffic Valet – takes a percentage of earnings or if there is a monthly fee? And I’m also curious is the $1000 is a net profit for you?
    I love the idea – thanks for sharing the info. I’ll definitely be looking into this more in the future.

    1. Chrissy – Parking services don’t charge any setup fees or monthly fees. They just take a percentage of the income that is generated from your domains (usually around 50%). Yes, the $1000/month from my domain is net profit to me.

  2. The other 9499 domains make around $20,000/month from domain parking, athough I have domain renewal fees of around $6000/month that I pay for those domains.

    1. Very nice. Do you have all of these through one service, sounds like a nightmare to manage. Also, aren’t most great domains already taken?
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      Comment by Eric

      2007-12-21 03:37:23

      Yes, almost all my domains are parked at Traffic Valet ( ) so it is not any work to manage them.
      Yes, most good domains are already taken. You can find some good ones using a service like
      – Eric


  3. thanks for the info. it is helpful, but how is this relevant to career development?

    1. A lot of business owners own domains that they are not using, and could make money parking them. Or, many people are looking for ways to make extra cash, and the domain business is one way they can do that. I am not saying it is easy, I am just giving some info about it. Many people make almost nothing buying domains and parking them.
      – Eric

  4. Hey if you can make money doing nothing, it sure gives you some flexibility in career opportunities.

  5. Even though you are earning 1K by parking i ve heard that for most of the people parking pays in cents …which IMO is weird.

  6. Domain parking is a very lucrative market to get involved in, however, as mentioned above most of the good domains are taken. Additionally, there are very large funded corporations to compete with that own millions of domains.

    1. on what basis can you say the good domains are taken? if all of a sudden there is a market surge in “cash for gold” sites and you miss out and don’t buy the good domains, then that is your missed opportunity as a marketer. not all markets have been tapped yet…or even introduced

  7. i can’t argue your points, my only inquiry is how a “make money” post relates directly to career development? i see how in a roundabout way it ties to wealth building, but i don’t associate wealth building with career development, which when i hear, i think of tips or career advice on how to better my current career situation. anyway just some constructive feedback.
    i guess going back to the topic if i have some internet marketing related domains that i’m not using, which resource would you recommend me using to park them?

    1. I recommend TrafficValet for domain parking.
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