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Michael Arnold Discusses Modern Workplace Features for Increased Productivity


Michael Arnold of Los Angeles is a real estate investor and executive VP of the Tenant Consulting Group in southern California. Michael and his team provide solutions for complex real estate transactions that are financially beneficial to their clients. In the following article, Mr. Arnold discusses modern workplace features and upgrades that can increase productivity.

The modern workplace can easily become stifling with the usual boring old office spaces that are so common. With the change of times, builders must adapt to the new demands wanted by modern workers and Michael Arnold of Los Angeles says arresting style is on everyone’s list.

People simply do not want to come to a boring old office space anymore, so builders and tenants must get creative in what they offer in terms of a workspace to increase employee happiness and productivity.

Michael Arnold of Los Angeles real estate provides some things to think about when creating an optimized workspace for the productivity and health of employees.

Happiness and Productivity

Creating a space that is optimal for employee happiness and productivity can be as simple as a few changes in design and set up. Here are a few tips according to Michael Arnold of Los Angeles to consider applying in an office set up.

  • Get New Furniture

    Furniture design and comfortability may seem like a small thing, but it can go a long way in improving the mood of office workers. Active people are likely to suffer sitting in a normal chair that does not offer adjustable features.

    Michael Arnold of Los Angeles real estate says that adjustable options give employees the ability to customize their seating to their liking. Adjustable desks and chairs are becoming more and more popular, as well as active options, such as bike seats, and chair balls. There are even treadmill desks that are gaining popularity amongst office workers that allow employees to remain active while getting work done.

    • Utilize Natural Lighting

    Michael Arnold of Los Angeles says that providing a good window with natural light does wonders to help with happiness and productivity of employees. Ensuring that there is light that is not just artificial can help to improve mood and morale in the workplace.

    • Try Hot Desking

    Michael Arnold of Los Angeles says arrest the usual desk and chair office set up, and consider hot desking instead. Hot desking provides multiple workspaces for employees to choose from, giving them the freedom to choose where they feel most productive and at ease throughout the day. Having multiple and varied workspaces allows for different types of work to take place seamlessly says Michael Arnold of Los Angeles.

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    • Paint the Walls

    Michael Arnold of Los Angeles real estate says that a change in mood can sometimes be as simple as a new coat of paint on the walls. Instead of the usual bland colors seen in an office setting, consider incorporating bright splashes of vibrant color and motivating artwork to foster employee creativity and improve productivity.

    According to design connoisseurs at Foyr, different colors provide different psychological benefits. Researching some of these colors and their benefits can give employers a good idea of what their employees need in terms of psychological benefits in the workplace.

    • Create a Lounge Space

    If active furniture is not an option, consider incorporating a lounge area with comfortable chairs and couches as a haven for employees to rest, relax and regain momentum on their break time.

    • Incorporate Living Aspects into the Office

    Michael Arnold of Los Angeles real estate says to consider purchasing a few houseplants to spice up a usually bland space and give it a feeling of new life. Fish tanks or terrariums or aquariums are great options to consider incorporating into an office space to help relax employees into a more productive state.

More benefits of an Optimal Office Space

Not only will a modern office space provide employees with everything they need to thrive in the workforce, but it will also attract new employees and talent.

No one wants to work in a space that does not inspire, and if given the option, the top workers in any field would choose a space that makes them feel motivated, peaceful, and productive.

Michael Arnold of Los Angeles says that having these features implemented in an office space already will make attracting talented workers easier than ever before.

Advocating for a Modern Workspace as an Employer

As an employer, advocating for a modern workspace can potentially help your employees to reach their full potential. Even though the idea of changing an office space may seem scary or intimidating, the results will most definitely be worth it.

Some of the biggest and most successful companies like Google and Facebook share a common aspect. They all believe that there should be a large amount of weight placed on employee morale and workplace happiness in order to achieve optimal results in the work force.

As employers from a well-known construction group noted, powerful companies usually “emphasize and openly acknowledge that happiness and life balance equate to happy workers.” This realization is what keeps employees happy and productive.

Don’t be afraid to advocate for your employees to your landlords and property owners. Demanding the right space for your employees will increase productivity, and in turn yield better results for everyone involved.

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