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Is 2007 the year you have been planning to finally do your home remodeling?

If it is, remember that it is not about how much you spend, it’s how you spend it. As with any investment, you should do all the research you can before starting on a remodeling project of any size. I’ll start you off by pointing you in the right direction of what’s HOT and what’s NOT right now in the real estate market. This is based on research I did conducted by the National Association of Realtors. Before reading this article, you might want to look back on a remodeling project Jane May did a few years back. She also pointed out some “do’s and don’ts” of home remodeling.

This analysis is based on the effects of certain remodeling projects on residential property values these days.

Here’s what’s HOT:

  • Central air-conditioning and fireplaces
  • Eat-in kitchens
  • Utility rooms
  • In-ground swimming pools

Here’s what’s NOT:

  • Dining rooms
  • Dens or studies
  • Intercom systems
  • Above-ground swimming pools
  • Home offices
  • Kitchen pantries
  • In-law suites

Good thing I chose the right thing to remodel when I put in my fireplace last year!

Keep in mind that what buyers look for today is not necessarily what they will look for tomorrow so find a balance between what would make you happy in your home with getting the most value out of spending your hard earned money on a remodel.

Here are some tips from the experts on which features to consider and which to avoid:

The SMART Money Gravitates Towards:

  • Granite countertops
  • New Carpets
  • Pull-out kitchen faucet
  • Body-spray showerheads (Good work on this one Jane)
  • Garage storage systems

The NOT-SO-SMART Money Goes Toward:

  • Wet bars
  • Concrete countertops
  • Chandeliers
  • Structured wiring


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18 thoughts on “Remodel Your Home The Right Way

  1. Those are some very good tips! You have to be very careful not to spend too much money during a remodel and make it so you won’t make any profit when selling!

    1. Yeah its easy to do that, were fixing our house up for sale next year and are trying to focus only on value adding improvements…

  2. Do people still build above ground pools? I haven’t seen one since I was a kid and all I remember is how ugly they were.

  3. Aw c’mon … nothing says class like an above ground pool …
    And it’s a good idea to get your fat Uncle Louie out there on an inner tube with a margarita just to give it a homey feel when you’re showing the house to buyers. lol
    *Bonus feature* … tell the buyers that fat Uncle Louie comes with the house!

    1. One of the funniest comments I’ve read! Uncle Louie would decrease property value by 50% overnight.

  4. smart! ask “them” to go back to real estate again…..why are they wasting their time….a good idea….isn’t it ? those days whites were in estate also but i never heard such a thing called remodelling, things were rust those days……

  5. Dang . . and I just converted my fireplace into my electronics hub to hold all my hard drives and routers . . .

  6. A home office is out? I thought with the growing set of people making money online (myself included) that home offices would have GAINED in popularity.

  7. I’ll be happy to clean up the mess in my bedroom. Remodelling is way out of reach for a bachelor like me haha

  8. I’m at the “find an architect” point in my home remodel. I’m going to cover it on my blog. I already covered the new septic I had to put in last year… That cost as much as putting in a new room. A stinky room, but a room none the less!

  9. Does this mean no new deck this year? Where do those type of outdoor entertainment spaces count in ’smart money’?

  10. Kitchen Remodel…
    I have found your blog to be really useful. Thanks for the insight and useful info. Charles…

  11. Wow nice picture however granite countertops are very expensive. Stailess steel is a good alternative and the comments you’ll get will be incredible.

  12. Thank you for sharing this information. I enjoyed reading your article on do’s and don’ts of remodeling. From experience I will say that it is important to communicate clearly with your builder, make sure their is no disconnect!!!
    I agree that granite counter tops really make a difference. We recently remodeled a house and feel that the granite counter tops make such a difference.
    I will say that putting in a pool might help a house sale, however, it can be costly in the long run and your money might be spent wiser in other areas if you are planning to “flip” the house.

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