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The broad equity markets experienced a sharp selloff yesterday (Feb 27th).? It was the largest point decline since 9/11 which brings up the question of how you protect your investments in such an environment.? To give you a reminder of what happened yesterday:

95% of the S&P 500 stocks were down on record volume in the [...]

Banner Contest Winner

The final results are in?and we have a clear winner - our current banner won with 40% of the total votes.? This came as a bit of a surprise to us as we were hoping to see a new banner take over the reigns but we are still pleased with the look of our current [...]

*(Brief update at end of post.)
Our banner contest ended last night and we received a good turn out.? We have 6 entries with one of the banners being a flash design.? Below are smaller versions of the banners, so please review them (including our current banner on top) and place your vote on the right [...]

Job Search Secrets

As we get closer and closer to spring and the start of summer, more and more people are beginning to look for jobs.? I’ll be writing a later post talking about my recent interviewing experience and the disasters that occurred with it.? For the mean time, here are key things you should keep in mind [...]

We are counting down the hour before all submissions are due for the Career Ramblings banner design contest?(see link for contest details).? Last week, we decided it was time to announce our first contest.? What better way to get our community involved, show some creativity, and provide an opportunity to give our visitors some exposure?highlighting [...]

How many times have you had a problem with your computer system?? Regardless if you are a student, professional, or a home body, if you are like me, you’ve probably experienced quite a few headaches figuring out your laptop or PC.? I have had my laptop since August of 2004.? Back then, I was anything [...]

Banner Contest Reminder

As we are winding down our Fridays and heading into the weekend, be sure to check out our Banner Contest rules and submit your entries to us by Monday, February 26.? We’ve received good feedback and interest so far; and we are looking forward to displaying all entries for our readers to judge!? Remember the [...]

Jane and I had an interesting discussion yesterday about finding opportunities and why some people have a nack for them and others don’t.? I think it comes down to thinking outside-the-box and persistence.? A great example of finding opportunities where none seem to exist can be found in a recent post by entrepreneur Tyler Cruz.? [...]

Weekend Quotes

The weekend is almost here which means we need some inspirational quotes. Part of the reason we post quotes is to get our readers motivated to?put in some hard work and effort?and do the things they have thought about doing for years but have yet to act on. John Chow has a great post titled [...]

We have decided to finally host our first contest.? Many blogs hold contests for many reasons.? Some of these reasons include increasing blog participation from its visitors, while others use it as a marketing scheme to attract more visitors.? While there is nothing wrong with these reasons, we are looking to do something a little [...]

Climbing Technorati

A Technorati Ranking is becoming a must-have for all blogs and sites that feature user generated content.? Technorati ranks these sites by the number of links and blogs that link to your particular site.?Although?Google has been using this criteria as part of it’s search engine rank formula for some time now, Technorati is still the [...]

Weekend Quotes

Let’s get this 3 day weekend started right.. at least for me it’s a 3 day weekend!
Tom Landry on Setting Examples: “Leadership is a matter of having people look at you and gain confidence, seeing how you react. If you’re in control, they’re in control.”
Albert Szent-Gyorgi on Innovation: “Discovery consists of looking [...]

A few days back I wrote the Informational Interview, part I. There, I addressed what the informational interview was, the benefits of conducting one (hopefully more), what it allows you to do, and gave you some topics to discuss. Since this is such an important part in any professional career, I will talk about what [...]

Dating Your Boss

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Given that today is that special day for all couples and this is a site about careers, I thought what better to write about than dating on the job? Just as I was going to write, I found a site that has already covered this topic thoroughly. I have included [...]

For those of you who didn?t hear the news over the last couple of weeks, Cartoon Network created a marketing campaign in Boston placing select blue-LED light characters from their Adult Swim block around the city like the one above.? When the stunt caught national attention, the network saw a viewer ship spike of around [...]

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