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I know someone who has been doing the same management job for 18 years. Now in his late 40’s, this person has become burnt out and very frustrated with his job. As he has said to me, “how can someone do something for almost 20 years and not go insane?”
For that reason alone [...]

Everyone dreams of starting up the multi-million dollar business that they can run from anywhere in the world: their car, their hotel room, and yes, their home. Don’t shake your head and act as if you haven’t thought about how great it would be to get up and work in your underwear because we [...]

Does anyone else see a problem here? What ever happened to encouraging people to innovate, try new things, and create jobs? The mantra for the educational system revolves around finding people good jobs- what about those people creating jobs for themselves?
Perhaps I’m one of the last of a dying breed (though the general [...]

There’s a common misconception about what spirituality is. Spirituality refers to the way in which you treat your psychological and spiritual self. This can include the adoption of religion, meditation, relaxation, new mentalities or ideas, or changes in your self perception. Being spiritual addresses your personal beliefs – in life, the afterlife, [...]

Hey There My Customers

Some of you may have heard the hit song “Hey There Delilah” and thought that it was good. It’s easy to manipulate and put in your own style and flow. I can’t even recall how many times some friends of mine and I would butcher this song. I’ve decided that today’s post [...]

Let’s try something a bit different and look at a scenario.
Sam, the owner of a small independently owned pizzeria, developed a new low-fat pizza targeted to health conscious women. Three months after launching the new pizza he observed that the pizza was extremely popular among younger women but not in his intended target market. What [...]

I work from home. Every day I wake up, take a shower, and get dressed in the same way that I would if I were going to an office, but the reality is that I then wander over to my home office, put on a cup of coffee, and sit in front of the [...]

That’s a good question, don’t you think? A lot of home business owners focus on building a reputation and generating referral business, yet many people don’t even realize the benefits of marketing to their target market. Referral business is great, and free advertising always has the best return on investment ratio, but [...]

A lot of people are going to launch their own home based business this year, and the vast majority of them are going to fail miserably at it. For one reason or another people fail sometimes at what they attempt. Trust me, I know- my home based businesses failed numerous times before I [...]