Online Business: Three Realities That Aren’t Great

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Everyone dreams of starting up the multi-million dollar business that they can run from anywhere in the world: their car, their hotel room, and yes, their home. Don’t shake your head and act as if you haven’t thought about how great it would be to get up and work in your underwear because we both know that you have.

In the past, MLM’s were the “best” way to accomplish this, as to get started in business you needed a front, something to sell, and a face that people could recognize you by. In that situation, your home simply wouldn’t do, and MLM’s thrived because of it. Amway, at it’s peak, ran middle class America- there’s no sense in denying it.

Today the world is jumping on the internet bandwagon and the result is the creation of thousands of millionaires. There’s never been a better time to launch an internet business. Well, before you pour your life savings into a website, you should know three things:

  • Online business is NOT easy – There are thousands of eBooks and sales pages that will tell you just how easy it is to make money online. Before you waste your money, know this: it is not half as easy as it looks. You will face challenges with your online business that will stump and frustrate you. Your ability to overcome those challenges will determine your success.
  • There is a LOT of competition – Oh yes, the dreaded “c” word. Thousands of other people are launching internet businesses every year- it’s an almost guarantee that there’s someone out there already doing what you are. Luckily, the internet is a big place.
  • Myopia will guarantee your failure – Want to know how to fail before you begin? Limit your market. Don’t ever forget just how big the internet really is.
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7 thoughts on “Online Business: Three Realities That Aren’t Great

  1. For the most part I agree, but that doesn’t mean that someone shouldn’t try and launch their own business. I mean, I did, and I’m doing better now than I ever have before.
    Innovation is key, that’s for damn sure.

  2. Thanks for the three tips…. I think with any venture, online or off, one needs to be highly creative, driven & different in their approach. The Internet has limited the number of “gatekeepers” and created a more level playing field for entrepreneurs.

  3. Brad, I think that applies to all as well. Your selling point starts on how creative, unique and different you can get.

  4. I agree with the other comments above. Starting an online business is just as hard as starting an offline one. However, one of the advantages is the very low cost of entry. You can start a website today with less than $10 and with the right strategy and hard work make high returns.

  5. Okay…I have to admit I had to look up Myopia. I do have to agree with the first commentor “Business Ideas”. Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.
    In fact, I actually enjoy how difficult it’s become to have a successful online business. This tends to favor those who are willing to put in hard work and learn what makes a successful website.

  6. i feel you need to fine a niche and focus on that. yeah true more & more people jumping into the internet business bandwagon
    i think the message is the journey not the destination, gotta keep the faith

  7. True, very true … but it all depends on what the goals are with your business and if you are running your business full-time, or if you are part-time looking for some extra change while you work a regular 9-5 gig. BTW, there are some great resources on your blog! Thanks!

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