Adding a Touch of Spirituality to Your Life


There’s a common misconception about what spirituality is. Spirituality refers to the way in which you treat your psychological and spiritual self. This can include the adoption of religion, meditation, relaxation, new mentalities or ideas, or changes in your self perception. Being spiritual addresses your personal beliefs – in life, the afterlife, and the workings of the world – and allows you to constantly grow and shift those beliefs as you grow as a person.

When someone recommends that you take more time to assess your spirituality, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go out and adopt a popular mainstream religion. Rather, they may be referring to the idea that you just need to get to know yourself – your likes, dislikes, and personality traits.

From a business point of view, the addition of spirituality into your business practices can be a very positive thing. For starters, one of the common side effects associated with strong spirituality is relaxation and a decrease in stress. As someone becomes more in tune with your spiritual selves, they begin to shed many of the anxieties and problems that they dwell on, choosing instead to focus on the future (or whatever goals they deem more important).

Being spiritual is not a difficult endeavor, and if someone has the desire and motivation to do so, adding spirituality to their life becomes quite easy. Try some of the suggestions below:

  • Take More Time for Yourself – Dedicate some time every day to just yourself- No music, no friends, and no distractions. During this time, think about what is important to you, how you are feeling (in all aspects of your life), and how you feel you are successful at this present time. Focus on answering the questions that you’ve always wanted answered but have not yet asked.
  • Find Relaxation in a Enjoyable Activity – This will vary from person to person, but the concept remains the same. Take up an activity that you are truly happy to do. I enjoy driving, and so I went out and purchased a small sports car so that I can go for long drives on the weekend. While I am on these drives I don’t feel any worry or anxiety, and I leave all thoughts of work behind. Every second that I am on the road is time that I’ve taken for myself, and when I pull back into my garage later I am feeling calm and relaxed.

    I have found that going for a weekend drive is my method of allowing my brain time to just sit, free of any doubts, worries, or thoughts that may cause it to focus on anything other than relaxation. Friends of mine find this same kind of peace is gardening and painting.

  • Place Value in Your Accomplishments – Rewarding yourself for achieving your goals keeps your priorities in check. It reminds you that you have accomplished something that you set out to do, and brings about feelings and accomplishment and pride Every time that you complete a task or goal, take the time to reward yourself.

    I, for example, go out for a few beers with friends of mine, order some chicken wings, and revel in my accomplishments with those that are closest to me. Every time I call my friends and suggest going for beer and wings they immediately know that I’ve had a great day.

Focusing on your career while maintaining a sense of spirituality is a great way to balance out two important aspects of your life: career goals and personal needs. Don’t let one overpower the other.

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4 thoughts on “Adding a Touch of Spirituality to Your Life

  1. Absolutely- take time for yourself. How can you get to know yourself if you’re constantly spending time on other things? You need a little “me” time in your life.

  2. Time?
    What’s that?
    2 kids
    2 jobs
    2 pets
    I have no time
    kids……………………….No time
    Where do I find time????

  3. true enough … we work to a point we ‘exhaust’ ourselves
    i think such articles gives us a self-reflection if we ‘pamper’ ourselves enough
    health can’t be bought

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