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How I wonder who you are?
Do you ever think back to your high-school or college days and wonder what all your friends (and enemies) are up to? Applications like Facebook, Classemates, and MySpace have certainly made it easy to recreate old connections and bridge gaps that have been created between former friends, but there’s [...]

Oh how the market has taken this downtrodden turn, slowly but surely creeping property values down (and the emotions of owners with them). For an investor, this signals a great opportunity to get into the real estate market with style and increased spending power.
After all, we all know that real estate fluctuates, but there [...]

I own around 10,000 domain names, and 9500 of them are “parked”. The other 500 I use for real sites (like www.CareerRamblings.com). Domain parking is a way to make money from any unused domains that you own. The way it works is that you turn over management of your domain (you still keep ownership [...]

If you’re someone who’s fond of lifestyle changes and sudden career decisions, relocating for a new job is the perfect way to bring them about. Conversely, if you’d rather not venture outside your front yard, relocating for a job is the last thing you should do. The changes brought about by relocation affect [...]

Every office has “that” guy. You know, the guy that everybody hates for (insert reason here), or the guy that everyone ignores because (insert reason here). Regardless of the reasoning behind it, there’s certainly nothing to be gained by being “that” guy. What’s odd is that every office seems to have a [...]

The last point I’d like to address is that business is hard. Yes, the monetary and personal rewards can be immense, but neither of those things come for free or come without hard work and a serious commitment to the job of making the business grow and expand. Many people view their business [...]