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Motivation. Motivation is not something that you should have every now and then. Motivating yourself to excel at what you do, or to be an example for others, is something that a true entrepreneur or dedicated employee will always be doing. It’s an ongoing process that includes all aspects of your professional [...]

A long time ago I was in the habit of writing articles about workplace politics and drama. Though I don’t intend to revisit that series of articles (nor that mindset, ugh), I do wonder if having work “friends” is a good idea career-wise. The problem is that an office often becomes something akin [...]

Moving Craziness!

Well, hasn’t today just been crazy! I recently moved across the country, so I’ve been jumping through hoops today to get things done. Sorry for the lack of meaningful posts the last couple of days. I promise to get something up tomorrow!
- Cam
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Is Your Resume In Order?

Working on your resume and having a hard time making it all “stick” (so to speak)? It can be hard to create the perfect resume, especially when you consider the fact that you’ll be lucky to get more than 10 seconds from someone looking it over, so it’s important to do it right the [...]

Due to some carpal tunnel problems I’ve made an audio post. This rambling, literally, talks briefly about my interaction with successful affiliates and with the industry in general. Enjoy!

P.S. - I am aware that I posted this 4 days after I made the video.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, despite all of the posts that I’ve made about post-secondary education and it’s benefits (and sometimes, lack of), I’ve bit the bullet and registered for classes. Not regular classes, as I’ll never do that again, but continuing education classes. Now, before you go “what the hell is [...]

I want to apologize to everyone who is making comments that aren’t being posted. Our spam protection software sometimes picks up comments that are legitimate and labels them as spam, and unfortunately in order for me to rectify the issue I have to go in and dig through hundreds of spam comments to find [...]

January 4th arrives in 2 hours (for me, anyways) and I was thinking: what are YOU doing to do it up in 2008? I really want to know, not only because I have some massive plans for this year but also because I always feel refreshed and ambitious come the start of a new [...]