A note about comments…


I want to apologize to everyone who is making comments that aren’t being posted. Our spam protection software sometimes picks up comments that are legitimate and labels them as spam, and unfortunately in order for me to rectify the issue I have to go in and dig through hundreds of spam comments to find the ones that are legitimate.

If your comment has appeared after a couple of days I either haven’t gone through the spam box yet or it’s be accidentally removed. Unfortunately, due to the thousands of spamming affiliates out there I don’t see this coming to an end any time soon

4 thoughts on “A note about comments…

  1. I feel your pain, Cameron!
    I use the Bad Behavior and Akismey plugins for WordPress but still have a hefty amount of spam to filter through, and I hate to lose real comments.
    Through Google Calendar, I send myself a reminder email every Sunday to “check spam filter” — if I keep on top of it, it’s easier to scroll through and save any real comments before they’re deleted.
    (Here’s to hoping THIS comment won’t be deleted LOL…)

  2. Sorry to hear about your comments problem. I’ve gone through similiar things and find it to be pain in the ass!

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