Four Ways to Pass the Time when on a Business Trip


I find myself 700 kilometers to the north of where I normally conduct business laying in my hotel bed typing away on my laptop. For the next five days I am by myself alone every evening, with nothing but my thoughts and a few errant responsibilities on my mind. Such is the life of those in business, and as anyone who has to travel for work will tell you, it can get pretty boring.

For that reason I’ve come up with a list of four things that can provide some entertainment when you are away on business. Try them out next time you’re away from home!

  • One – – A directory of thousands of games that are all entertaining and deceptively addicting (hence the name I suppose). This requires a computer an internet access.
  • Two – Sudoku’s – A classic puzzle is undergoing a rebirth. Spend some time trying to solve a few of these and watch the time fly by.
  • Three – Writing short stories or poems. If you enjoy writing, the change of scenery may act as a bit of an inspiration for you. I know that I feel inspired when life throws a curve ball at me.
  • Four – Find a local coffee shop or pub and relax. Getting out of your hotel room and relaxing somewhere else can be more peaceful than the hotel room could ever be. I can’t quite explain it, but I find that I am able to relax much easier when I’ve got a pint or a mocha.

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