Is Your Resume In Order?


Working on your resume and having a hard time making it all “stick” (so to speak)? It can be hard to create the perfect resume, especially when you consider the fact that you’ll be lucky to get more than 10 seconds from someone looking it over, so it’s important to do it right the first time! Here is a plethora of links that all have great information to help whip your resume into shape!

CareerRamblings – Know Your Audience
CareerRamblings – Clearly Defining Your Objective
CareerRamblings – Don’t Deal, Do!
CareerRamblings – Customizing Your Resume for the Job
Career Ramblings – 10 Resume Blunders’s Resume Section – A Great Read!
College Journal’s resume section. Loaded with great articles!

There is enough material in those links for anyone to write a stellar resume! Good luck, and remember to treat your resume as the tool that could land you a serious full-time income!

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  1. Instead of working on your resume, people should be looking to buy a business rather than interviewing for a job they aren’t going to like.

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