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Just because it seems as if the job market is a good one doesn’t mean you can or should get cocky about getting the job you want. Most of the following sounds like common sense, but you might be surprised by the number of recent graduates who blow off these details prior to an interview.


Take about an hour, go online, and learn everything you can about a company you might want to work for. Your goal is to be able to articulate how good of a fit you will be within the company.

If you have trouble putting your research into words, conduct an informational meeting with someone in the field and ask.

Gain Experience

Do you know what you want to do? An internship or several internships on your resume will tell an interested employer that you’ve tested your career and you’ve learned some of the basics of the workplace. Almost three-quarters of employers say they prefer to hire students or new profesionals who have relevant work experience.


You’d think getting organized and ready to apply for jobs would come naturally, but it doesn’t. Just because you learned to write a nice thank-you note in sixth grade or put together a basic resume in class doesn’t mean you have the skills to crank out the appropriate cover letters or build resumes that attract employers. Among the skills you need to learn in college and in the professional world include:

  1. How to write a cover letter that markets you well.
  2. How to compose a well-written, error-free resume that articulates your skills and experience as a match for the company and position.
  3. How to articulate the value you can bring to a potential employer.

Take advantage of the resources you have. Trained professional staff are available on college campuses to guide you through the process and teach you how to take the steps to success. Plus, these people know the employers they work with them on a regular basis and can put you in touch with the organizations where you’d like to work. Just like sending us your resume might connect you with current emplyers looking to hire. It’s called networking.

Don’t be fooled. We won’t find you a job or “place” you in a position. We exist to teach you something more important: the tools and contacts to successfully find a job today and in the future when you’re looking for your second, third, or 10th position!

Rich Dad Says: “Take advantage of your resources.”

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