A Step by Step Guide to Making $500,000 a Year – Step Two

Career Shakeups and Lifestyle Changes

By now you’ve probably read step one, but if you haven’t go do that now and then come back to this post.

By now we’ve figured out how we’re going to make our half a million dollar salary. I don’t mean the steps or the method, but the vehicle that you will use to make that happen. You might have chosen to open a business or two completely restructure your current occupation. I, for example, chose to abandon my corporate obligations and focus my efforts on internet marketing. I know of quite a few people who have made a killing off of real estate, and a friend of mine went from $80,000 a year to $216,000 a year simply by moving around within her company’s corporate structure.

Regardless, once you’ve got your sights set we’re going to make that push forward. Remember, your chosen vehicle should meet some basic criteria:

  • It will actually allow you to make your desired income.
  • There’s no point in spinning your tires, so do it once and do it right. If your career doesn’t have an income level that high, find one that does or start a business.

  • You’ve got your stuff together.
  • Tons of debt? Payments eating up every cent of your paycheck? No savings? Deal with all of that before you even both considering this.

  • You have what it takes to make it happen.
  • Someone actually posted a comment (that I’ve since deleted) on the other post about how he wants to be a movie star and that my post doesn’t work for that industry. Well duh! I’m not talking about going from a patent attorney to a movie star, I’m talking about going from a comfortable situation to a much more lucrative one. It’s the catalyst required to make it all happen, so don’t let me down. :)

    If you can’t make it happen, or if you simply don’t have the personality required to be successful in your career path, don’t bother reading further.

All of the above make sense? Good, time to move forward then.

What we’re going to focus on now is letting the world know that we’re capable of success and exude confidence to make it happen. What does that mean in plain English? We’re going to get down to business and take things seriously. The change in our attitude, mindset, and ability will be noticed by everyone, from your family to your employer (or employees). This attitude change is going to mentally prepare ourselves for the coming changes, as well as passively let the world around you know that big things are happening.

This doesn’t mean that you suddenly become cocky and self-righteous, but instead you become confident. Know that you are capable of great things, and put your mind into your objectives 110%. Approach your boss and let them know that you would like to start taking more ambitious projects on; let your family know that one of your main objectives is to grow spiritually as a person and lean from it; become a supportive and influential member of your professional community. Tell the world what’s happening and why.

This does a few things for you:

  • Over time, you expect success and lament failure.
  • After all, why should you be content with anything other than achieving your goal?

  • It makes your objectives attainable.
  • There was a time when making $500,000 a year for me was something that was simply out of reach. Now I’ll be disappointed if I don’t make twice that next year. Why? Because now I know I can.

  • It just makes it work.
  • Successful thoughts and attitudes tend to manifest success. If you truly believe in your ability to make something happen it will happen. Believe me- I know from experience.

Got that mastered? We’ll get to something real in the next post.
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  1. I believe office talks usually make or break your career and hence its very important that you do some things to benefit and safeguard your future

  2. hi… great post in that article a lesson for the freshers who are finding jobs, and who are graduate but not able to find right job but how there will handle their job and career in the future.

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