Still Can’t Get Ahead?


Working the 9 to 5 got you down? Are you having a hard time getting ahead and climbing your corporate ladder? Well my friends, you need Career Ramblings patented “Career Masher”.

The Career Ramblings Career Masher is perfect for those that plan their work and work their plan, yet still can’t move up in today’s crazy economic paradoxically-challenged world. In fact, the Career Masher is so good that even moguls like Slim Shady and Dirk Lerkins have used it in the past to get the jump on their competition. The Career Ramblings Career Masher, your solution for everything but the career!

Is the Career Masher for you?

  • Do you lie awake at night trying to figure out how to undo your co-workers?
  • If so, aside from serious psychiatric help, the Career Masher will finally show how to make them undone!

  • Do you ever wonder why your boss is your boss and not a crusty ocean crusteation?
  • The Career Masher will show you how to appeal to their better side, even if they aren’t seafood fans.

  • Does the thought of easily and effortless climbing the corporate career ladder excite and amaze you?
  • Then the Career Masher is for you! Not only will it have you climbing the corporate ladder, but it will even show you how to install the economic escalator at no extra charge.

  • Do you have excess cash and want to part with it in exchange for valuable information?
  • Then you need the Career Masher! Not only will it give you great information, but it will also help you with your excess cash problem!

Clearly there is no other solution quite like the Career Ramblings Career Masher available for 61 easy payments of $91.23.

Don’t delay, act today!

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Please note that the Career Ramblings Career Masher is not responsible for shipping or providing any products or services. Career Ramblings is under no obligation to provide any products to paid customers, including those who have purchased the Career Masher. This a joke- April Fools :)

2 thoughts on “Still Can’t Get Ahead?

  1. Its good to achieve your corporate ambition but i think it can be thru hardwork and of course strategy.

  2. Lol! That sounds like a great deal! Where do I send the first payment?

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