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Anne and Carl Deane on Foodie Destinations


Anne and Carl Deane are siblings who enjoy traveling together with their families and blogging about their experiences online. In the following article, Anne and Carl Deane discuss foodie travel, and why culinary vacations are increasingly popular.

People have many reasons for travel, whether it’s culture, adventure, or visiting friends and family across the globe. But what is foodie travel?

Foodie travelers have the goal of exploring different countries and destinations through their food and cuisine. They may choose to travel to particular regions that are famous for certain food or dishes, dine at the best restaurants, or even explore the street food scene!

Why Food-Related Travel is So Popular

Exploring New Tastes

Traveling to new destinations allows foodies to explore new tastes and foods that they may not have had the chance to try before. Often, Anne and Carl Deane say that the further away the destination, the more differences there are in the cuisine to entice travelers.

Someone may also have a favorite food or dish that they eat at home which has its origins in a particular country or region. By traveling to the birthplace of this food they get to experience it in its most authentic form and learn more about it!

Understanding the Culture

Anne and Carl Deane say that one way to learn about a country is through its food. Food lovers can learn about the culture and history of a place through its local and national dishes.

They can also find out about certain producing regions, such as wine regions in France, or olive oil-making regions in Italy. This allows them to learn about the ways of life of the people who make these ingredients, who often have time-old traditions passed on down through the generations.

Anne and Carl Deane say that dishes can also have different stories and legends attached to them. The Italian delicacy arancini, for example, has two different versions, depending upon whether they are prepared in Palermo, or in Catania.

Palermo’s dish uses the female name “arancini”, and the rice is shaped into balls. In Catania on the other hand, they use the male name, “arancino”, and they have a conical shape. The ingredients in both types also vary, making them a tempting treat for food-loving tourists.

To Create Memories

Food is incredibly powerful when it comes to helping us to remember memories and events explain Anne and Carl Deane. This is because the area of the brain that helps us to recall long-term memories, the hippocampus, is very closely linked to the centers for emotions, smell, and digestion.

Eating a meal that is closely associated with a particular vacation or destination can often help to conjure up memories of that place with each mouthful. The smells of certain things being cooked, or even seeing a specific ingredient can also be just as impactful.

It’s a Sensory Adventure

It’s not just the tastebuds that are excited on a culinary adventure. Often the sights, smells, and sounds of food being cooked and prepared are just as exhilarating to experience!

Anne and Carl Deane say that this is often one of the reasons why people taking culinary vacations will go to places that have a big street food culture. The dynamic atmosphere and the ability to try lots of different delicacies can’t be beaten!

Anne and Carl Deane

Top Foodie Destinations

For those looking to travel and taste some of the best that the world has to offer, Anne and Carl Deane provide a list below of some of the best locations to consider.

• Mexico City

A vibrant city that is easy to get to for most US travelers, Mexico City is a cultural hub and foodie paradise. Learn how to make churros, drink some cafe de olla, and explore authentic Mexican cuisine.

• New Orleans

For a trip that won’t require a passport, Anne and Carl Deane say that New Orleans is full of history, and great soul food. This destination is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines that are jam-packed with flavor.

• Italy

Italy has many cultural delights to offer when it comes to cuisine, with different areas having different specialties.

The North of the country is known for hearty meals including risotto, cheeses like gorgonzola and mascarpone, and meat dishes.

The South showcases Mediterranean cuisine at its finest, with rich tomato-based sauces, flavorful olive oils, pasta dishes, and not forgetting the modern birthplace of pizza: Naples.

• Thailand

For those looking to travel further afield and street food lovers, Thailand is a top destination says Anne and Carl Deane.

The streets are filled with various stalls and carts, all selling fragrant and flavorful dishes that are also kind to the wallet! With recognizable favorites such as pad thai, there are also more unique treats in store. Try some som tam, a green papaya salad, or the Thai take on fried chicken, gai tod.

Culinary Travel

With the rise in popularity of foodie vacations, many companies have been set up dedicated to providing the perfect experience for food lovers. Why not try a culinary vacation as a future getaway?

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