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For those of you who have not?noticed our Sponsorship Page, we are currently offering promotional, very inexpensive prices to advertise on this site.? We were pleased that two quality sites have already decided to sponsor Career Ramblings with text link ads on our sidebar.? They could not have picked a better time to do so because we have had a huge spike in traffic in March.? Here are the last few days:

Readers have particularly enjoyed these articles:

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Sponsor Links?- Under Promise, Over Deliver

A very important business lesson is to under promise and?over deliver to everyone you do business with.? John Chow puts this into practice very well and we would like to do the same.

The first sponsor we received was Dax Desai?who immediately took advantage of the low sponsorship cost by signing up for 6 months, so you will?be seeing a lot of him!? For a new blog Dax has been working very hard at updating his site with new content.? He averages 30-35 posts per month and most are interesting and informative.?Two of my favorites include Setting Goals?and Increasing Productivity With Two Monitors.

Our other sponsor is The Kirk Report who offers timely stock market advice. His site is geared toward active traders and offers very insightful commentary on the markets. Most updates are short since there are multiple posts throughout the trading day.?

Please pay our sponsors a visit and take a look around their sites.? Thank you to all our sponsors and readers!


If you are interested in our current promotion, we are offering side bar text link ads for $15/mo (3 month maximum) and a 486 x 60 top banner for $100/mo (3 month maximum). Please contact us for more details.

8 thoughts on “Career Ramblings Traffic and Promotion

  1. I was reading your prices yesterday and thinking they were a good deal, dont think it would help with my site as I dont really use it like a blog, but I dont think you have a problem selling these.
    On another note your sidebar jumps down the bottom of the page in IE6 which is a common problem with this template.
    In my case it was the threaded comments plug in which did it, which I think you are also using. Switching off the threaded comments is a quick fix until you find a permanent solution.
    A lot of people still use IE6 and it really does look bad…

    1. I used to have that issue of the sidebar jumping down to the bottom..
      I think it’s the box module of IE – when I reduced the size of the #narrowcolumn and the #widecolumn DIVs, it fixed it.. you need to leave a bit of a gap between the two elements.
      This was a long time ago when i was first setting up my blog though.. I hope my memories are fresh enough.

  2. Useful info, thanks for that Ill have a look at it, I had been messing with the width of the main pane and the sidebar….

  3. This is really great info. I’ll have to play around with it. My initial thought was that the banner may be too wide for php…but maybe it is the side spacing. Thanks Jeff!

    1. No its definately not your banner, its the style.css file you need to play with, like I said, try turning off threaded comments and see if that makes a difference (you will need IE 6 to test though).
      If so you could play with the threaded comments files (to make narrower) or the style attributes mentioned by Jeff
      (Comments wont nest below this level)

  4. It’s great how you’re following the model but pocketing the entire amount yourself rather than giving up 50%. I guess that’s an advantage you have when you’re a popular blog and have the traffic in place already. Best of luck!

  5. Those traffic numbers are amazing! Keep up the great content. I’ve had a significant boost in traffic after implementing many of the suggestions I’ve seen here and on

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