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You’re a bright eyed college graduate, fresh out of school and ready to take on the world. The last several years of your life have been wrought with exams, studying, and all night parties (to study, I’m sure). The first job that you get out of college won’t be the one you retire from, and [...]

Today I’m going to finish up the story I began last friday. If you haven’t read that read you can do so here: Part One

I continued to apply at various positions every day, and it was now at the point where I applied for any position that I could do: fast food, property maintenance, accounting, [...]

My name is Josh, and in a minute I’m going to start telling you a story about how my life was saved from financial ruin by one smart decision that I made. Before I tell it, however, I want you to know a bit about me.
I’ve an average guy, and I have spent most of [...]

Changing careers is not a simple task to accomplish. For many professionals, it means giving up premium salaries, job perks, benefits, and even colleagues. However, all of those things are details, nothing more. If you are truly good at what you do, you will be just as good (if not better) at a career that [...]

Before I get into the meat of this article, I want to establish something so that we can avoid confusion later: there is a strong and definite difference between a business owner and someone who is self employed.

Business owner – A business owner owns one or more business that brings in an income. A business [...]

There are thousands of websites that claim to be able to show you how to make millions of dollars online. These websites, like Rich Jerk dot com, should be approached with a grain of salt, and everyone should purchase at least one. Yes, you read that right: even though these websites couldn’t possibly [...]

Operating a successful airline requires a lot of risk taking, ingenuity, and flexible planning. It is an industry where you have to be extremely nimble and dynamic- expect to be put on your tows over and over again. Long term planning for a local airline is about 60 days, so you can expect [...]

Avoiding Office Hysteria

Starting a new job in an office can be a great and rewarding way to jump start your career. It can also become demoralizing, lonely, and dramatic if the people around you are prone to dramatizing their lives. Many people have not quite moved on past the high school mentality, and the result [...]

As many people can tell you, looking for a job is a job in itself. Like anything, the more experience you have, the better your success. Your options are limited only by your education, experience, and business contacts. The reality is that it pays to know people (or to have people know [...]

Many managers in today’s corporate America require a deep appreciation for other cultures and practices. This is becoming the case due to the increasing number of people from different ethnicities that are becoming the changing labor force and consumer market. A commitment to lifelong learning and how to achieve world standards within a [...]

Many people in “high power jobs” have personal challenges that they are faced with at work. According to a recent survey conducted at John Hopkins University, Lawyers are the most likely to suffer from depression. This survey was conducted of 28 “high power jobs”, which included other professions like being a doctor or dentist.
Lawyers tend [...]

If you are starting a restaurant or perhaps purchasing an already established one, be prepared for a daunting journey. The restaurant industry is perhaps one of the hardest to become profitable in, and even then, it is hard to stay profitable. Many people opt to purchase a franchise or chain restaurant, simply because [...]

As the United States becomes more and more diverse, the need for bilingual employees becomes greater. According to the most recent US Census, it states that 40 percent of the people in California speak languages other than English at home. Spanish is most common (26 percent) followed distantly (2 percent or less) by Mandarin, [...]

How many times have you heard of someone applying for a job and never hearing back from the company? The job search can be a frustrating experience. You may have just graduated university, or maybe you’re trying to switch careers. Regardless, a job hunt is rarely a fun and positive experience. [...]

Your resume and cover letter provide the first impression that a prospective employer will make about you, so take the time to polish them up. Make them sound professional, yet be sure to convey a bit of your personality in the cover letter. You want to be memorable enough that the person responsible [...]

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