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The business world of today is much different than it was a few short years ago. Even as little as five years ago, finding a job online was much more difficult. The job mega-sites had just began to become popular, and it was still uncommon for employers to post want ads on them. Prospective employees still used the “traditional” channels to find employment: newspaper ads, networking, and cold applications.

But all of that has changed, and your outlook on your life and your career should have changed with it. The corporate world – the processes, requirements, and expectations – are all evolving as the internet and e-commerce continue to revolutionize the way the world does business. As an employee (or a prospective employee), staying on top of the latest trends and conditions will make you more valuable to your employer. This creates leverage that works in your favor, and leverage allows you to do wonderful things (like ask for a raise, for example).

Opening Your Eyes

You may find it hard to recognize that there are other possibilities for a career choice, or even just your current career path, but they are there just the same. How you approach them, including the discovery of them, will make a big difference on whether or not you actually become successful in perusing them. There is much more to the career ladder than what you see in front of you- you need to look around as well.

  • Explore opportunities in other industries – If you are a technical writer, there are needs for technical writers in multiple industries. If you are finding yourself limited by your current position, try branching out and learning a whole new set of skills by exploring another industry.
  • Network with other people in your industry – It never hurts to know what others around you are doing. Perhaps there are people who are performing jobs similar to yours, but have different long term goals or requirements. Performing a mild shift in focus might be a good refresher, acting as a catalyst to give the detail centers of your brain a little jump start.
  • Constantly learn and expand your knowledge – Focus on skills that are beneficial to your career. Rather than read inspirational books or listen to hyped up audio tapes, read biographies of people who became successful in your industry, watch documentaries on successful businesses, and get as much first hand experience as you can.
  • Take on new responsibilities – Express to your employer that you would like to take on new responsibilities and perhaps begin to move up within the company. Showing ambition and desire may prompt them to give you a chance. Learning new aspects of your industry will help you generate a larger perception of all aspects of your position.

Remember that there is much more to life than what you see. The perceptions, ideas, and actions of other people will always have influence, and the resulting evolution of the workplace means that you will need to be forever learning and expanding your horizons.

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6 thoughts on “Expanding Your Career Horizons

  1. By far, your point about constantly learning is the one I agree with the most. By expanding your own skill base you are also instantly more saleable to employers.

  2. finding a job has become much easier now a days thanks to the evolution of web2.0 and social networking. So i agree with you a finding a job is much easier now than it was probably 5 years ago

    1. How had a job is to find has little to do with the WEB IMO, like anything else it is about supply and demand.
      If the employment market is slack, all the web serves to do is stiffen competition across wider and wider geographical boundaries….

  3. Very interesting and informative article, thanks, it will help me a lot in advertising.

  4. One think I would add is to focus on transferable skills. A few years ago I left a job in which I was a real expert, and only then realised that everything I learned in that job was now useless. Since that time I have always focussed on transferable skills….

    1. Yes, exactly! I completely agree. There is no greater form of employment insurance than having skills that you can apply elsewhere!

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