Five Steps To Go From Idea To Incorporated


You are the kind of person that has a dozen good ideas a day.

You are the kind of person that dreams of owning their own company, working the hours that they set, and realizing the kind of success that is reserved for big names and big business.

A business – you’re that kind of person. You live, breathe, and exude an aura of business sense and creativity. Yet, every day, you work to make someone else rich. If you’re sick of it, here are five simple steps to go from employee to entrepreneur.

  1. Settle on an idea. Spend a few weeks writing every good idea down. Then root through them and pick out your ten best ideas. Once you’ve done that, sit down and work out possible ways to monetize on it. Out of those ten, pick the one that you think has the highest chance of success – that’s your business.
  2. Lay the foundation. Don’t quit your current job if your new business needs a bankroll. Start saving money, researching the actual business itself, and start surveying your competition. Register your company name, finalize your business plan, and get ready.
  3. Get into it, fast. Quit your job and start building your business. Formulate your final business plan and set your objectives. Then, once that is complete, start constructing your business. Set up accounts, organize products or services, get a storefront, build a website, etc.
  4. Get your business active and generate clients. No one expects you to start making thousands of dollars per month without sales, so start making them. If you’re selling auto parts, call up local mechanics and offer your services. Give them special pricing or an incentive to buy from you. If you’re selling web hosting, start calling local business and offering your services- always give your potential customers a reason to buy from you.
  5. Grow. Always, always, always work towards expanding your business. Generate new clients, hire staff, get a larger warehouse, etc. The more you grow, the more you can sell. The more you sell, the more you grow.

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8 thoughts on “Five Steps To Go From Idea To Incorporated

  1. I like the “get into it fast” step the best. I don’t know about quitting your job (if you have one) right away based on an idea, but just taking action is probably the best thing you can do for your ideas.

  2. With the advent of blogs come totally vague and wholly useless vignettes on anything and everything; each promising some secret wisdom, and delivering pure drivel. As for what these “steps” are really worth, one might have just as easily put down be successful or make money among them.

  3. Congrats first and foremost on the acquisition of a fantastic site with great resources.
    Right on the Money literally with this tips. Looking forward to more great posts.

  4. Hey,
    Maybe on one post since you owned the network, can you teach people how to grow your internet business?
    Good luck and if you post frequently like 2x a day i am sure your website will be a success!!!!

  5. I like that you stress taking a couple *weeks* just to generate ideas, jot them down, play with it. Not all great concepts come to you in a flash

  6. Congrats on your acquisition of CareerRamblings Eric!
    This post is a really good start, will definitely look forward to reading more!

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