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Hi, I would like to introduce myself. I am Eric, the new owner of I run several hundred websites such as , , and . I also own 10,000 domain names such as,,, and

I started on the Internet back in 1995 creating web sites for other people, while at the same time I was buying up domains and starting some web sites of my own. Eventually I stopped doing sites for other people and just focused on developing sites on all the domains I was buying. Many of the domains, such as, were ones I was able to buy because the previous owner did not pay the bill and Network Solutions reclaimed them and made them available again to the public. Back then there was no automated software to find these type of names, so I used to manually look for good domains that were no longer working and write them down on a list. Each morning around 4am-5am Eastern time I would get up and check this list to see if any became available, because that was the time each day Network Solutions released new domains, and if I did not do it early other people would grab the good names.

Back in the early 2000’s I opened a bunch of ecommerce sites selling vitamins, candy, cookies, and pretty much anything else I could get companies to dropship for me. But, it was a huge headache dealing with upset customers, shipping problems, credit card fraud, shopping cart problems, and supplier problems so I eventually closed them even though they were making money, and instead focused on creating more free entertainment type sites like ( gets over 2 million visitors per month). The only ecommerce site I kept open was, because I put a lot more work into setting that business up and it makes good money.

Now in 2007 I do pretty much the same thing I did when I started 12 years ago, which is that I do anything online that I think will make money. The great thing about the Internet is that I can think of a new business idea today, and by tomorrow have a rough version of it up and running and actually see how well it does. No business plans, no meetings, no projects, no budgets, no delays.

Don’t worry, I do not plan on changing to be my personal blog. It will have the same exact type of career and business postings it always does. But, every once in a while I will add some additional postings with personal stories about various business ventures I have been involved in, or info on new ways I find to make money online. Some possible future topics for these “personal” postings include:

  • How I bought 2 retail flower shops over the Internet, without ever visiting them first or knowing anything about the flower business.
  • How I have had an office for the past 7 years, but I have never been to it.
  • How I have over 10 people working for me, but I have never met any of them, and I have never even spoken to most of them on the phone.
  • How I almost took my company public via reverse merger right before the dot-com bubble burst in 2000.
  • How I have become a partner in 3 companies over the years, and it has not worked out well with any of them.
  • How I created a plush toy and got it sold in Toys “R” Us.
  • – Eric

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  1. Hi Eric, pleased to meet you You certainly have a colorful history, I’m sure you will bring a sense of new inspiration to the site! Good luck
    There is only one question I have though,will you still be maintaining the reviews in exchange for a link to your site as I have completed mine and was waiting for a reply from John Or Jane?
    All the best

  2. Looking forward to hearing more Eric. I am certainly interested to know if you do have a personal blog in which someone could follow along. I find myself in some of the same situations today.

  3. Can’t wait to learn from you. It seems that you have a lot of experience, and I’m sure there are a lot of people eager to learn.

  4. Congratulations on the acquisition. I look forward to hearing your additional personal business stories.

  5. I look forward to your input here, especially your personal insight and stories. When I read blogs about making money and business ventures, I feel like I learn the most from reading about real life experiences, both the good and the bad.

  6. You seem to fit quite perfectly as the new owner. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Good luck.

  7. I’m really tired of seeing the Top 10 Resume Blunders on every “career” blog – so I’m looking forward to seeing some fresh perspective. Good luck!

  8. I cant wait to hear those stories. Especially the one about how you have 10 employees but have yet to talk to them over the phone. Do you use a particular outsourcing company? Thanks a lot.

    1. No, I don’t use an outsourcing company, although I do use for 24/7 help desk and server support. They are in India and do a great job for me. But, they don’t do programming for me or run my sites. Over the years I have found various people for that, some overseas (Romania, India, UK). Usually they start by doing a small project for me, and if that works out well I hire them full time.
      – Eric

  9. welcome eric . . . it’s gonna be hard to replace jane and john, but hopefully you keep up CRs rep . . . best of luck!

  10. I’m looking forward to hearing about:
    “How I created a plush toy and got it sold in Toys “R” Us. ”
    Best of luck Eric! I know these readers will benefit from your experiences.

  11. Hi Eric,
    Really interesting post, it would be interesting to see more like it!
    Do you still catch domains? It seems pretty well stitched up now with registras keeping dropped domains and competing companies using bots to try and grab expired domains…

    1. I still sometimes search expired domain lists for domains to buy, but in the past few years I don’t think I have ever found any that are really good that way.
      – Eric

  12. Congrats Eric! This site has been a great source of information and inspiration for me, and I look forward to more.

  13. That’s a good introduction Eric. I’d heard the site was sold and was wondering what the scoop was. Sounds like some interesting reading coming up!

  14. Congrats to Jane and John! I’m almost jealous! But obviously lots of hard work and strategy went into getting to this point!
    Jason Alba
    CEO –
    :: self-serve job security ::

  15. Nice… I’m a new visitor here, I also meet with a new owner huh?
    Nice to meet you. Hope you can bring careerramblings to the next level!

  16. Hey eric!
    Great to see you as the new owner of the blog. You are an inspiration to us all.

  17. really a great site you got…and you also got experience ..waiting for posts in which you will tell us about your experience..

  18. hello,Eric,
    i am interested in this topic,
    “How I almost took my company public via reverse merger right before the dot-com bubble burst in 2000.”

  19. Hi Eric,
    You sound like a great guy to learn from. My business is made up of projects that I find interesting. I’ve recently become interested in growing websites that make money, so I’ve been plunging into that.
    Welcome, again,

  20. Welcome Eric,
    your profile is quite intimidating as an entrepreneur. You sure know your onions. wish you luck and I have no doubt you would take CR to higher heights.
    Looking forward to interaction with you.

  21. What he said is true and I am one among the techs who are working for him, I have been trying to get a glimpse on his photo but still not got that, its been 3 years now. He like perfection in all his works and he is very punctual. Accidently I read this blog and I am surprised that he too have a blog !!!!.

  22. Don’t how you can manage all those domains and websites. Renewals must be a nightmare.

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