The Entrepreneurial Mindset – Why They’re Rich and You’re Not


You can’t get wealthy working for someone anymore. Fifty years ago you could start and end your working career with the same company- they provided you security, a pension, health benefits, and a competitive salary. It’s not the same today, as sad as that is, and the average person has to find other ways to get by and make money.

You can’t trust someone to give it to you. If you want to make it big today you need to work, offer something that no one else does, and do what you do better than anyone else. If you think that your employer is going to give you enough promotions to leave you financially secure come the time of your retirement, think again.

So How Do We Make Money?

This goes against everything that we’re taught from the day that we’re born – you know, the “go to school and get a good job” mantra. The reality was that if it was that simple we wouldn’t need to be innovative, passionate, and motivated to succeed. If it were that simple there would be no competition, no creativity, and no advances. Unfortunately, the ones that are becoming wealthy and rich are the ones that are finding new ways to create their mark in the economic world.

In short, they’re the entrepreneurs.

They’re the ones that have the world on a silver platter. They’re the ones driving expensive cars, taking expensive vacations, and owning expensive homes. And, they’re the ones that are doing all of this without having to riddle themselves to death with debt and financial obligations. Chances are good that they’re the ones that you’re working for.

They are the ones making millions of dollars.

Have you ever wondered what makes an entrepreneur different from anyone else? It’s not as if the “entrepreneurial” gene is what makes them think and act the way that they do. In fact, it’s nothing really different at all – it’s having a goal, a dream, a desire to make something change or to accomplish something big. An entrepreneur wants to create, fail, succeed, and is always trying out something new.

How Can You Become More Entrepreneurial?

Do yourself a favor and act on all of the impulses you’ve restrained over the years. Don’t think, just do. That is probably the single most important piece of advice I can give you.

You will be thanking me later.

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8 thoughts on “The Entrepreneurial Mindset – Why They’re Rich and You’re Not

  1. the irony of this post is that you are working for eric, the owner of this blog hahaha

  2. Your right on. Working for or involved with?
    Either way. Decide, act, and keep at it. Stop tip toe’n around in life and start with something.
    I would suggest reading Think and Grow Rich and my blog…..*

  3. let’s call this a warning shot . . . over the bow . . with a nice lil splash to get the deck wet!

  4. I love the post.
    Goals – Strategy – Action.
    If you plan accordingly, there’s no reason you won’t be successful.
    I would suggest finding some good mentors that you admire and wouldn’t mind having a lifestyle like.
    I also have a blog on Entrepreneurship.
    Alejandro REyes

  5. There is always a flip side to every coin.
    Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It takes a lot of investment of time, energy, patience and common sense. If you don’t have really good health – that can be a big stumbling block.
    If it were as easy as sell the kitchen sink and get in business on every whim you’ve ever had – everyone would do it. Exactly as you said – there is creativity involved and you need to offer more than most people – imagine the effort!
    That being said – what you say is still valuable – many entrepreneurs have succeeded eventually, even after having sold the kitchen sink. They’ve dealt with their errors and gotten up and tried again.
    But if you were to play a stats game with how many successes exist – take a look at technology – those entrepreneurs almost always require an angel investor to build something that will break into the market place. In my city alone (1 million people), for every one successful entrepreneur there are at least 1000 applicants who failed to get funding for their ideas.
    But on the other hand – take an investment of OPM (other people’s money) – like certain fast food chain franchises. At times, the chain is struggling – at other times, the entrepreneurs make hand over fist in their investments.
    Too much to write… Gotta make some money now.

  6. I think we also need a “Positive mindset” to make everything fine for us. If you are completely negative, you will “just do” and quit in the next minutes count. Need a persistent positive mind to face all obstacles.

  7. you have to be dedicated and willing to give up the steady income at first.. the tough part is when you’re not succeeding.. .those are the trying days – and of course, they are not for everyone!

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