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Are you a graduating senior this year? If you are, you are in a great place to be! The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) predicts college hiring will increase in 2007, making it the fourth straight year that new graduate hiring is expected to grow by a double-digit percentage. You might ask, what is responsible for this growth in jobs for these new professionals. Company growth, retiring employees and high job turnover are lised as key reasons for the rise in hiring.

While it appears the class of 2007 should consider heading south, where hirers plan to increase employment of recent graduates by 25.5 percent (bringing the total amount of southern employers intending to recruit new grads to 60 percent). The West doesn’t lag far behind, with a 23 percent predicted bump in jobs for fresh grads.

Well it looks like the following occupations will be having some of the most increases in the hirings.

Field: Business, Finance and Sales
Job: Accountants and Auditors
What they do: Analyze fiscal records, inform clients about tax laws, prepare financial and statistical reports, and organize systems for recording expenditures.
Median salary in 2005: $52,210
Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 486,000
Why there will be openings: Rising personal incomes and increased regulation of financial activity should augment the need for accountants and auditors.

Field: Computers and Engineering
Job: Computer Software Applications Engineers
What they do: Develop, analyze and modify computer applications software for optimal operational efficiency.
Median salary in 2005: $77,090
Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 268,000
Why there will be openings: Ever-intensifying demand for new technology is expected to drive hiring of computer engineers.

Field: Healthcare
Job: Registered Nurses
What they do: Assess and respond to needs of ill and injured patients, implement care plans and maintain medical records.
Median salary in 2005: $54,670
Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 712,000
Why there will be openings: An aging population will require an increased number of healthcare providers.

Field: Education
Job: Elementary School Teachers (except special education)
What they do: Teach public or private elementary school students academic and social skills.
Median salary in 2005: $44,040
Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 587,000
Why there will be openings: In addition to the large number of educators that are expected to retire, there is also a trend toward smaller class sizes that will result in employment opportunities for teachers.

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