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Michael Snow of TrailersPlus Discusses Creative Uses for Cargo Trailers


Michael Snow is the CEO of TrailersPlus, a dealership offering new cargo trailers at over 80 locations across the US. More recently, TrailersPlus opened two new locations in Casper, WY and Twin Falls, ID. In the following article, Michael Snow of TrailersPlus discusses creative uses for cargo trailers beyond hauling, unveiling ways to repurpose and revolutionize industries and lifestyles.

In the world of versatile utility, cargo trailers stand as unsung heroes. From transporting goods to serving as mobile workspaces, their potential knows no bounds.
It’s essentially a catch-all storage system on wheels. They can be used for anything from hauling items to a new home and transporting heavy bags of garden soil to ensuring important items are not susceptible to weather damage.

That’s just scratching the surface of what a cargo trailer has to offer. All it takes is a bit of creativity to unlock a trailer’s full potential for both work and play.

Michael Snow of TrailersPlus on the Unconventional and Personal Options

Since many are enclosed, cargo trailers are easily adaptable to suit a range of both practical and inventive needs. At national trailer dealerships like Trailers Plus, cargo trailers come in a range of sizes to suit any need and even a new chapter in one’s life.

Consider some of the most surprising and creative cargo trailer uses:

Food Trucks and Concession Trailers

Michael Snow of TrailersPlus says that as an alternative to costly restaurant operations, cargo trailers are increasingly converted to food trucks, an industry that has seen a 10% annual growth each year since 2018.

Food trucks and more traditional concession offerings (think a sandwich shop or larger hot-dog stand outside of a workplace) provide mobility to food truck owners to take advantage of traveling to different neighborhoods and cities whenever they like and wherever there is strong demand.

Hobbies and Workspaces

With real estate prices so high, a lack of space in a home or apartment is prevalent. That’s difficult when one needs more storage or yearns for a dedicated space for either work or hobbies. Michael Snow of TrailersPlus explains that cargo trailers provide dedicated space with room for storage, tables, and shelving for tools. The result of such a conversion? Impressive.

Retail Shops

Renting business spaces comes with a premium — and a big risk. As with restaurants, many new boutiques and shops close permanently within their first year of operation. Cargo trailers offer a less costly alternative for small business owners to showcase everything from pottery and clothing designs to local souvenirs.


Michael Snow of TrailersPlus says that a cargo trailer likely won’t completely replace tents or sleeping bags, but cargo trailer camping can make the great outdoors just a bit more inviting. In addition to transporting camping gear and other supplies, cargo trailers can be used as dedicated cooking areas or clean-up spaces after hiking, kayaking, or skiing.

Michael Snow of TrailersPlus notes that even a 5-by-8-foot trailer provides a lot of space and is easy to tow with either a small truck or a mid-sized SUV. A trailer that’s around 6-by-12 feet can even be modified with a shower and a large bed.

Michael Snow TrailersPlus

Chicken Coops

The North American chicken coop market has grown nearly 5% year after year during the last decade, thanks to the popularity of backyard chicken-keeping for those wanting easy access to home-grown eggs and poultry.

There is often a bit of sticker shock for those exploring chicken coop options, however. Michael Snow of TrailersPlus says that even small or medium chicken coops, along with essential materials such as wire fences and feet can push starting costs into the thousands.

That’s where a cargo trailer comes to the rescue. There’s likely a trailer size that will accommodate even a large number of chickens by integrating ramps shelves and dedicated vertical nesting spaces while still providing open central areas. It’s even possible to integrate lighting and temperature controls as well as windows and doors to support proper airflow.

Mobile Office Spaces

With much of the country still running on hybrid work schedules, cargo trailers make working from home even easier, especially when on vacation, traveling for work, or moving to a new area. Michael Snow of TrailersPlus says that having a separate mobile office space maintains a healthy work-life balance even while on the road.

Meat Drying Buildings

Serious meat lovers or those operating small food businesses know that a cargo trailer is a perfect place to create a curing and drying meat location. In a trailer, a large number of meats can be hung and moved to get a fantastic cure. There may even be room to incorporate a smoking system.

Rentable Storage Spaces

Michael Snow of TrailersPlus reports that while enclosed trailers can replace an outdoor shed or a costly storage unit, they can also potentially be rented out to others who desperately need to store items away from home. Legal guidelines on operating such rentals vary from state to state but securing weekly or monthly rentals in a driveway or backyard can be a lucrative side hustle.

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