Networking at Holiday Parties

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The holidays are here! My favorite time of the year and also a great time when parties are going to take place. What you will find as a business owner, corporate employee or an active member of the community is that you are always going to be invited somewhere. You can use these invitations to do a little networking for the business, and to increase the number of people who are aware of what you do.

Networking at parties is much about keeping your composure and keeping your professionalism up to par. This means you are not going to head out to local parties and get ridiculously drunk. You want to remain as professional as possible while still having a good time. You want people to think you are respectable and easy to talk to. Do not try to push your business on every one at the party, but do collect business cards as they are offered to you and by all means, pass your cards out to people to stay in contact.

If you do not know how to spark up a conversation, here are some basic questions you can ask:

  • Hi, how do you know the host?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Are you involved with the local (blank) club? (whomever is hosting the party)
  • Where does your business sell products and services?
  • What types of products/people do you sell to?
  • Do you belong to associations or clubs you feel I should belong to?

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1 thought on “Networking at Holiday Parties

  1. I have my company xmas party coming up but it’s going to include all our clients so I NEEEEEEED coaching on how to network. Thanks! and I might ask you Q’s later

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