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Nicholas Bereznai Provides Tips for Those Pursuing a Career in Content Marketing


As a digital marketing expert, Nicholas Bereznai of Durham understands that a lot of people within the industry are concerned that artificial intelligence like ChatGPT is coming for common marketing jobs. Content writers may be more fearful than any other group. However, Nicholas Bereznai of Durham is a firm believer that human writers will always be able to provide a higher level of content than their AI counterparts. The biggest reason being that they can interact with their clients and get a feel for what they wish their content to say. There are little nuances that humans can understand that machines won’t be able to. With that being said, the content marketing space is getting more competitive. Today, Nicholas Bereznai of Durham will touch on how someone can grow into a content marketing professional who is setup for sustained success.

The first step to breaking into the content marketing world is to earn a college degree. Most content marketing professionals have a degree in either Communication with a focus in journalism or in English. This educational path teaches a student a lot about research, writing, editing and how to understand the interests of your audience. Nicholas Bereznai of Durham notes that this degree is not enough to separate anyone from the pack. While earning this degree, Nicholas Bereznai of Durham strongly recommends starting a blog or gaining an internship that allows you to write frequently. Most content writers start out okay at best. It takes time to find a voice and even longer to develop the skills necessary to match the voice of a marketing client. The more hours put in writing, the easier it will become.

Nicholas Bereznai of Durham understands that many looking to pursue a career in content marketing will go on to earn a master’s degree. This is certainly a viable option, but it is not a necessary requirement. Many content marketers can put themselves in a stronger position by earning real world experience in the field. It’s not unlikely that they will start towards the bottom of a company’s pay scale, but there is plenty of room for advancement for a skilled writer. Digital marketing demands great content. It is on the writer to figure out what content appeals most to the audience of their customer.

For those just getting started in content marketing, they should know that their client will often help determine the direction the content should take. If asked to write content for a website, the content marketer should understand that the user experience is paramount. No one wants to reach a plain block of text over and over again. The Internet demands visuals, bullet points, and other quick snippets. The key is to learn how to write in quick snippets while still providing the web user with the content they need to find exactly what they are looking for. When a content marketer learns how to help drive conversions for their customers, they raise their importance to any business organization.

Nicholas Bereznai of Durham believes a great content marketer is someone who loves to not only write but read as well. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Most content marketers will find themselves writing content for companies in countless industries. The only way to know a little bit about everything is to read. Scouring the latest articles and seeing what is trending on social media can help a content marketer create content that not only joins a conversation but drives the online discourse.

Nicholas Bereznai of Durham encourages content marketers to always write with their target audience in mind. It is not enough to say I would find this interesting; the question must be will the target audience of my business find this interesting? Interesting can mean many things. Whether it be educational, entertaining, or comical, there must always be a value add to the reader. Setting up a clear goal for each piece of content is a great way to enjoy sustained success in the content marketing industry.

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