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Leonardo Radomile Discusses How To Build A Meaningful Life In A Toxic Environment: Part 1


Leonardo Radomile is an author and political consultant. He is also a regular guest contributor to several news outlets. In this article Radomile talks about ways to build a fulfilling life in a toxic setting.

Leonardo Radomile explains that we live in a toxic environment, immersed in intellectual, moral, and spiritual poison. No, we don’t live in difficult times, challenging times, or disorderly times. We live in an environment and a time where all that makes us truly human and humane is under attack and at serious risk of loss.

Radomile says too many of our major institutions of learning and employment require submission to a ‘woke’ ideology in order to survive let alone advance. When not at work, a legacy media constantly attempts to orient us to the same ideology through news and entertainment. Now even our children are at risk from educators who would not only alienate them from us and our values but also expose them to sexual confusion, mutilation, and a life of ill health and psychological turmoil. As if that weren’t enough, both the national and international economies are experiencing enormous risks with rampant inflation and shortages diminishing standards of living each day.

But it is often in the most difficult times that the greatest opportunities are found for positive change. Consider the rise of Christianity during the collapse of a corrupt and libertine Roman Empire. Christianity offered an entirely new way of life based on compassion and virtue and established a new moral framework for the world; the period of religious reform of a corrupt and mercenary church that ushered in a revival of learning through the invention of the printing press and spread the culture of capitalism, the greatest force ever found in the alleviation of poverty; or how the darkest period in the American Revolution when our colonial army consisted of 2500 ragged troops, short of food and ammunition, where two key battles allowed the army to be rebuilt and a series of victories in the following years that allowed the creation of the greatest nation in history.

Leonardo Radomile notes that each of these eras had some things in common and looking back at history we can now understand exactly what is required for positive change to take place, how people built positive lives and new ways of living in toxic environments, lives of meaning and satisfaction not only for themselves but also for their families and communities.

In this series Leonardo Radomile will be exploring those commonalities, those principles that built meaningful lives and created new and better societies. Some of you may be familiar with a few of these principles while others may be surprised at many of them. But one thing that we know from the lessons of history and exhaustive studies in the social sciences and psychology is that they work and provide us with the practical wisdom to build the best life for ourselves and those we love even under the most adverse conditions.

Those principles can be reduced to just five words:

  • Identity
  • Community
  • Meaning
  • Purpose
  • Transcendence

Each of those words stands for some great ideas and we’ll be exploring each one of them in this series. But know this and know this with certainty: you really can build a wonderful life for yourself and your loved ones; at the same time you really can contribute to your community as well. The lessons of history and the weight of scientific evidence are all on your side. It won’t be easy. The principles are clear and simple but it will take courage, the willingness to risk, hard work and sacrifice. But all of those throughout history who have accomplished what you are capable of are no different than you. They just put these principles into practice and were willing to do the work. All it took initially was choice and commitment: the choice to investigate further and then once convinced the commitment to do what it takes.

Leonardo Radomile trusts that you’re probably the type of person willing to take that first step, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. If you do, you really can begin the process of building a new and so much better life. The next step is yours and rest assured that we’ll do all we can to support you on your journey.

See you in the next installment.

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