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Should you get a Treo or a Blackberry phone? The answer could not be simpler – the BLACKBERRY!

I used to be the biggest proponent of Palm Treo phones and told everyone I knew to get one. I loved my Treo 650 so I decided to upgrade to the Treo 700p. Why not right? Well I could not have been more disappointed. I then got the Blackberry 8700g for work and couldn’t be happier with it.

Don’t take my word for it though, CNET agrees with me. The readers rate the Blackberry 8700g at an 8.4 and the Treo 700p at a 7.5. I’d have to say there is an even bigger discrepancy between the two phones. To add insult to injury, Palm decided to charge over $500 for the Treo 700 unless you sign up for a 2 year contract. I don’t even want to use the Treo for 2 days.

Here is why the Treo 700p is horrible:

  • There is a very long delay from clicking a button to the action taking place;
  • Screen image is pixelated;
  • It freezes at least 3 times per day;
  • When I get call waiting the phone freezes up and doesn’t let me answer the other line;
  • During at least 3 important business calls in the last 2 weeks the phone has disconnected for no reason (and it wasn’t due to a bad wireless connection).

Here is why the Blackberry 8700g is awesome:

  • Super fast execution of any command;
  • Instant email access;
  • Pin feature to text other blackberry users;
  • GPS with live traffic updates in the phone;
  • Very fast internet browsing;
  • Tons of downloads available;
  • Berry411.

This review has nothing to do with my wireless service providers (Verizon & T-Mobile). The Treo problems have to do with the phone itself. My Blackberry is used via T-Mobile who’s network is not the greatest, but the phone itself is awesome. Choose the Blackberry!


6 thoughts on “Treo vs Blackberry

  1. hmmm.. interesting that you say this. My treo sucks too and keeps freezing! Maybe I should copy you and get the BB too

  2. Cynthia – I would recommend ditching the Treo
    npr – I have not checked out the new motorola q yet, although it is on my list of things to do. I’ll post about it once I do. Do you recommend any pda/smartphones that you like?

  3. I would have to agree. I used to love the Treo’s too. After upgrading though, it seemed like I made a bad decision. At first I thought it was everything else BUT the phone, like the service or the weather or something. But then I ran into a friend who had turned me on to the Treo and I noticed he had a BB 8700g?! So I asked what was up and he began to tell me about the problems he had w/ his Treo and it was nearly identical to mine. So I switched almost immediately and couldn’t be happier! I also got a great deal at where I got the 8700g w/ full rebates plus money back in my pocket as well as a Free bluetooth headset! Running into my friend was a blessing!

  4. Blackberry is the best anytime !! The new phone still not enough for me … It is not that user-friendly … Go for Blackberry instead …
    Worth IT.
    Anita Patt

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