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Treo vs Blackberry

Should you get a Treo or a Blackberry phone? The answer could not be simpler - the BLACKBERRY!
I used to be the biggest proponent of Palm Treo phones and told everyone I knew to get one. I loved my Treo 650 so I decided to upgrade to the Treo 700p. Why not right? Well I [...]

You have the offer…now what? Negotiating is an art, an art that can be uncomfortable, unsatisfying, and down right scary if you don’t have experience doing it. It’s scary because you don’t want to come off pushy, but at the same time, you don’t want to get low balled. What you are looking for is [...]

Myspace has entered into the job search arena. They have partnered with Simply Hired in this venture. Simply Hired has an interesting approach because they are simply a search engine that accesses other online job search companies and posts those openings. Simply Hired is not focusing on drawing their own job ads [...]

FIRST STEPS- I recommend that you begin your market research efforts with these initial steps:
Review the Rankings- Find out the company’s ratings. Do a little web research (Google, CNNmoney); buy yourself the Wall Street Journal, or if you’re in Southern California, the LA Business Journal; is the company filing for bankruptcy? Find out as much [...]

Although some of you have probably been shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s also a good time to start updating your resumes and cover letters for summer internships or post-grad jobs. The earlier you start the better so take the next month and get the resumes looking as good as possible to make yourself [...]

Large consumer-products companies wouldn’t think about introducing a new product to a market without first doing extensive research about customer’s preferences and demographic profile. Likewise, as a professional, you need to gather as much information as possible about the companies that intrigue you before you develop your resume, cover letter, application packet and especially before [...]

Rich Dad Says…Welcome

Thank you for visiting Rich Dad Says…We’re currently spending our well earned time in Costa Rica.
So, sit tight and we’ll get you on the path of richness in no time.
Rich Dad Says…”Your path may be difficult, but will be rewarding.”
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