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The Secret of Success

When you read this post title, what came to mind? Something new, innovative and creative that will solve every business persons, entrepreneurs or students troubles? Well, in a way it can! But it’s not something new, innovative or creative, although not many people are willing to do this. The secret of [...]

I came across a very interesting analysis here about the top 20 sites we spend the most time on.? To no surprise, Myspace ranks head and shoulders above the rest.?The findings remind me of what seems to be a general principal in life that the top few always represent the majority of anything. For example, [...]

Student loans are beginning to be more and more of a business for companies. The low interest rates (although they aren’t as low as they were 3 years ago) and the accessibility of the loans have made them a lucrative option for students. Many students see these loans as a better option than [...]

This has been a day of firsts for me. We finally got our new site up and running with the same great content and much more to come. But today was also the first day I taught a college level course. The course is called Business Communications, which is a core course [...]

As you can see we have re-branded our site with the name Career Ramblings [dot] com and have re-designed some of the look. We appreciate all the comments and support we received over the weekend while we were switching servers and getting our material carried over.
Our plans are to continue updating this site [...]

The holidays are finally over. Many people spend January surveying the damage done to their waistline and wallet over the last several weeks, but do nothing about it.? Why not make January the month you review and repair (if necessary) your credit report and reaise your credit score?
Here are a few simple?things you can do:

Acquire [...]

Think about how you want to be perceived. Everything you wear says something. Depending on the situation, what you wear and how you look will vary. Consider the following:

Dress appropriately for every occasion. You wouldn’t wear shorts to a formal dinner as you wouldn’t wear a suit to the company beach party.
Daily grooming habits and [...]

When you are trying to get your business moving in the right direction, you want to make sure that you are doing all that you can.? You have to be prepared to do the business networking that is necessary for you to enhance your profits and to make your business grow into all that you [...]

Now that most people are receiving their tax forms from various employers and companies, it’s time to start squaring away your taxes. Earlier is better when it comes to working on your taxes. As a taxpayers, you are encouraged to get a head start on tax preparation, especially since early filers avoid the last-minute [...]

Are you a graduating student this year? Have you thought of what you are going to do next? I’m sure you are getting that question from everyone and anyone! If you are about to graduate, odds are you changed you major at least three times before you got to the major you [...]

I’ve heard a lot over the last few months about the popularity of knitting and craft related hobbies. I’m not sure what the exact demographic is but my guess is that it appeals to females age 35 and up. One of my business acquaintances actually started this site and brought in $15,000 in sales in [...]

Jane and I have been posting a lot recently about interview skills and resume writing. To further explore interview skills and to get a laugh this Friday morning, I thought I’d include a short Borat video on what NOT to do in an interview.

WPvideo 1.10
Borat at Job Interview in US and A!

SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “What NOT [...]

I recently have gotten some great feedback on the material we’ve been producing on this site. Thank you! I also have received feedback on posting more interviewing advice. The interview is an important opportunity and is the only thing between you and the job. The good news is, they liked your [...]

If someone were to make a list of what causes you to not get a job, she/he is sure to include blunder resumes at the top. Avoiding mistakes takes one of the few steps like consulting a professional resume writer, career counselor or searching for internet resources. The list of top 10 mistakes in resumes [...]

Have you ever wondered, “If I am shopping for a home loan, will my credit be affected each time a credit report inquiry is made?” It’s a pretty logical and intelligent question to ask; the answer is: it depends. I know, I ususally hate getting those answers also, but in actuality your credit [...]

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