New Name, New Design – Welcome!


As you can see we have re-branded our site with the name Career Ramblings [dot] com and have re-designed some of the look. We appreciate all the comments and support we received over the weekend while we were switching servers and getting our material carried over.

Our plans are to continue updating this site with new daily content, as well as creating a new home page with many more helpful resources for our readers. Be sure to keep checking back for our daily updates and subscribe our RSS feed to the right. We have many contests and features planned for the next several weeks. Thank you for reading!

5 thoughts on “New Name, New Design – Welcome!

  1. Hey guys… good stuff here! I love reading your site. Hey Jane, when are you gonna get me a 6-figure job like you?

  2. Npr,
    Thanks for the support. Glad you find us helpful, we aim to please!
    About the 6 figs… What do you do now??? There are many ways to be “financially free,” unfortunately, not many are easy. But with some hard work and determination (a little direction always helps) you can achieve a lot!
    I’m working on it myself

  3. I’m a first time visitor but I the site looks great. The Borat video clip was hysterical! Looking forward to reading more.

  4. Development Crossing,
    Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, we’ve gotten some great feedback on that video

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