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If you are starting a restaurant or perhaps purchasing an already established one, be prepared for a daunting journey. The restaurant industry is perhaps one of the hardest to become profitable in, and even then, it is hard to stay profitable. Many people opt to purchase a franchise or chain restaurant, simply because [...]

Review Our Blog- Round 6

As we keep offering links to people for reviewing our site, we keep getting submissions. Actually we are just about done with Round 8 so let’s catch up a bit
We have Round 6 of Review Our Blog on our hands now. These 5 new reviews are from:

Earn Online Money
Personal Development Blog
Reality Wired
Wedding [...]

Most people do not consider working from home to be a job, but if they ever had to do it they would know just how difficult it can be. Just because you’re a stay-at-home worker doesn’t mean that you’re not working more hours than you do at a job. It takes a lot [...]

As you may have heard or even experienced first hand, the amount of debt people are coming out of college with continues to increase. There is a lot of information out there such as one recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics that shows over 50% of all college students are coming [...]

Your attitude will make or break you, and no matter how much you try to get around it, this is a simple truth. There is more to being successful than just believing in yourself; it’s about great ideas, smart moves and genuine interest.
What separates a successful business person from an unsuccessful one is simply [...]

Weekend Quotes #8

It has been well over a month since we left you with our last edition of weekend quotes. I thought it was well over due to leave you with some motivational quotes to inspire you to keep the drive and success going.
Hope these quotes help:
Albert Einstein on Success: “Try not to be a [...]

As the United States becomes more and more diverse, the need for bilingual employees becomes greater. According to the most recent US Census, it states that 40 percent of the people in California speak languages other than English at home. Spanish is most common (26 percent) followed distantly (2 percent or less) by Mandarin, [...]

Every business needs the same things to become successful: a good plan, a good product, and good people who can make things happen. Simply put, so long as you have a product or service that is in demand, you should experience a steady supply of revenue.

Business is all about buying and selling, marketing and [...]

Your attitude will make or break you, and no matter how much you try to get around it, this simple truth is universal. But it’s not just about believing in yourself as everyone should believe in their ability to succeed. It’s also about good ideas, smart moves, and genuine interest.
What separates a successful [...]

How many times have you heard of someone applying for a job and never hearing back from the company? The job search can be a frustrating experience. You may have just graduated university, or maybe you’re trying to switch careers. Regardless, a job hunt is rarely a fun and positive experience. [...]

Review Our Blog - Round 5

It’s time for Round 5 of Review Our Blog. We have 5 new reviews:

Idea Sellers
Self Hypnosis Program
Link Rambler

Although we appreciate all reviews, we also have to comment on their quality. This set of reviews has been the lowest quality we have received so far, although that is because the first 4 rounds set such a [...]

Your resume and cover letter provide the first impression that a prospective employer will make about you, so take the time to polish them up. Make them sound professional, yet be sure to convey a bit of your personality in the cover letter. You want to be memorable enough that the person responsible [...]

Some people are born with natural abilities that have become known as traits of entrepreneurs. If you have a desire to start a company of your own, here are some of the personal qualities that you should posses:
Learn from your failures. This is not easy. No one is perfect, so take the [...]

There is a lot that can be learned from the Online DVD Rental Service battle that has been going on for the last several years between Netflix and Blockbuster. Netflix was the first to introduce its service in 1999 and has worked their way up to having a DVD library of over 70,000 titles. Just [...]

Review Our Blog - Round 4

The reviews are coming in at a good pace and the quality is still excellent! Thanks to everyone who has submitted a review so far. Keep them coming for the backlinks!

Asian Girls
My Journey to 1 Million Dollars
Electric Guitar Tabs
Rich Minx
Digital Key to Info

Two of these reviews in particular caught my attention. The most well written [...]

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