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When you are looking for a job there are three opportunities that you have to get yourself noticed: the moment you drop off your resume, your cover letter, and your resume itself. Many people focus quite heavily on perfecting their resume or interview skills, yet their cover letters are unprofessional and rushed. Care to guess [...]

The business world of today is much different than it was a few short years ago. Even as little as five years ago, finding a job online was much more difficult. The job mega-sites had just began to become popular, and it was still uncommon for employers to post want ads on them. Prospective employees [...]

How awkward is it when you walk into an interview and feel as if every action that you make is under surveillance? For many applicants, the interview becomes this holy grail of a moment that is so over hyped and anticipated that the end result is complete failure due to nervousness. Why do you think [...]

I received a letter from a reader and I feel compelled to post it here because I’ve never been so inspired. I’ve changed the names in order to conceal their privacy, but the general idea remains the same. After reading this letter I felt empowered; I was ready to take on the world.
Read it for [...]

When you think of a business person the image that comes to your head is probably of someone wearing a suit, or at least donning business casual apparel, with a confident demeanor and a strong handshake. Though this idealistic image may not be the typical businessperson, it does reflect one truth: confidence gets results.

Your smile [...]

Is the grass starting to lose its luster? Are you having a hard time waking up in the mornings because you feel unmotivated or unappreciated? Perhaps a career change is in order.
In today’s world it can be hard to feel appreciated and valued at your work, especially if it’s a position that produces a lot [...]

Let me ask you a question: if you were the hiring manager for a large software company, would you call someone whose main job experience was in the hospitality industry? Of course not, so why would you expect them to hire you if your resume is completely unrelated?
Customizing your resume to meet the positions requirements [...]

You’re a bright eyed college graduate, fresh out of school and ready to take on the world. The last several years of your life have been wrought with exams, studying, and all night parties (to study, I’m sure). The first job that you get out of college won’t be the one you retire from, and [...]

Today I’m going to finish up the story I began last friday. If you haven’t read that read you can do so here: Part One
I continued to apply at various positions every day, and it was now at the point where I applied for any position that I could do: fast food, property maintenance, accounting, [...]

My name is Josh, and in a minute I’m going to start telling you a story about how my life was saved from financial ruin by one smart decision that I made. Before I tell it, however, I want you to know a bit about me.
I’ve an average guy, and I have spent most of [...]

Changing careers is not a simple task to accomplish. For many professionals, it means giving up premium salaries, job perks, benefits, and even colleagues. However, all of those things are details, nothing more. If you are truly good at what you do, you will be just as good (if not better) at a career that [...]

About 8 years ago I created a virtual pets site at AdoptMe.com, where kids can adopt free virtual pets (such as dogs, cats, horses, turtles, and fish) and learn the responsibilities of pet ownership by feeding, walking, and taking care of them. It became popular, with around 10,000 visitors per day and 2000 new members [...]

Have you heard about something called “affiliate marketing”? It’s the latest innovation on the internet, and it is single-handedly revolutionizing the way that business is done online.
The ability to generate a stream of revenue automatically is one that anyone can accomplish with affiliate marketing- all it takes is time, a bit of hard work, and [...]

I did it. For the first time in my life I have managed to include two words together in the same sentence that no one would ever dream of doing: multilevel and profitable. You can close your mouth, though I’m sure your alarm and sheer surprise at my former statement are well deserved, but please, [...]

If you’ve chosen to work from home you are now going to be entering a transition, where you are now operating in an area that is naturally comfortable. Staying within your comfort zone is an easy way to foster intellectual and emotional growth, but unless you are prepared to sit down and work, you may [...]

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