Three Ways to Tell that You Need a Career Change


Is the grass starting to lose its luster? Are you having a hard time waking up in the mornings because you feel unmotivated or unappreciated? Perhaps a career change is in order.

In today’s world it can be hard to feel appreciated and valued at your work, especially if it’s a position that produces a lot of intangible results, such as a copywriter or insurance agent. If you just aren’t feeling it anymore, here are three reasons that may suggest that the grass really is greener on the other side

  1. You become easily annoyed at both fellow staff and customers. You find yourself having to hold back rude or offensive comments because you are becoming increasingly more agitated and annoyed. Even on a good day, all it takes is one off comment to make you realize just how miserable you are.If you feel this way, it may be time for a career change.
  2. You are unhappy at home when you come back from work. The weekends are great, but look out on weeknights. If you are constantly coming home tired, frustrated, annoyed, paranoid, or even upset, you may be in need of a career change.
  3. You hate your coworkers, your boss, and your customers. If you absolutely loathe coming in to work because of your fellow employees or management, you may need a career change. Changing firms or place of employment is unlikely to yield any significant changes, as all business that are in related markets tend to have the same kind of feel to them.

Do any of those points raise red flags? If so, perhaps now is the time to give some serious thought into your career and what your objectives are. If you decide that changing careers outright isn’t the answer, sit down with your boss(es) and see if you can work out some type of solution to your dilemma.

Your happiness should be number one, so work to achieve it.

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4 thoughts on “Three Ways to Tell that You Need a Career Change

  1. On the flip side of all that, if you’re falling asleep at work…. All that other stuff could be great, but I used to find if I’m not being challenged I would be bored and thus feel like I was going nowhere in life….which lead to some of those other things.

  2. Rob has pointed out the boredom factor that I wanted to write about as well.
    A sense of boredom, especially when you’ve got plenty (or even too much) to do, is a sure sign that something is awry. My clients often report boredom and try to explain it away as an unsatisfactory social life, for instance, when the real problem is their jobs. They may be highly stressed and very busy, even overwhelmed, at work, so it’s sometimes hard for them to believe that their jobs are boring, but that sure is what it is!
    In fact, I wrote an article on this recently:
    I also want to say I wish you’d underline, bold, and large-font your closing sentence. It’s SO important to remember that you’re the only one who’s ultimately responsible for your own happiness!

  3. Sometimes I feel like people have a misconception of what the “real world” is like… so they end up changing careers a few times until their accustomed to real work.

  4. I just embarked on a career change. A big one. I am moving from the business world to being a teacher. Big pay cut, but it is keeping me on my toes and it’s great fun to be around the kids.

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